Online Check Printing Puts an End to Overdue Payments

Nov 6, 2023
Online Check Printing Puts an End to Overdue Payments

Staying on time with payments is a vital part of your business’s bookkeeping. Neglecting due dates for your bills can lead to financial problems and bad relationships with vendors. Paying bills on time is important for:

· Avoiding late charges

· Maintaining good credit

· Keeping cash flow stable and predictable

· Maintaining good relationships with suppliers

· Reducing bookkeeping errors

· Reconciling accounts accurately

Having to play a rushed catch-up on neglected bill payments can lead to errors, duplicate payments, and oversights.  Put an end to overdue payments once and for all by utilizing Checkeeper.

Checkeeper helps keep payments up-to-date:

Checkeeper offers on-demand printing and mailing for those bills that you pay by check. Unlike a lot of other payment options that incur fees, online check printing and mailing services through Checkeeper are upfront: no hidden fees, surprises, or costly extras. Print one check, one-hundred, or one-thousand, all from the same account for the same monthly fee. Upload company logos, custom backgrounds, and your signature so that checks can be printed within seconds. Link as many checking accounts as needed when you fund expenses from multiple sources. One Checkeeper account does it all.

Convert bills to checks automatically

The time it takes to write out a check to each vendor and creditor is time that could be better spent on other aspects of your business, like acquiring new customers, improving products, or boosting sales. Online check printing has come along to give you back more hours of your day by allowing you to print your own checks on demand and have the recording done for you and stored automatically. Checkeeper offers a myriad of integrations that can be used to save even more time, reduce paperwork, and streamline the management and storing of financial data. Link your Xero or Odoo account to your Checkeeper account and import your bills to be converted to check payments instantly. Totals to the same recipient are bundled automatically for maximum efficiency and minimum paper waste, and invoice tables are automatically added so that the payment total is broken down and delineated. Save even more time and paper by having Checkeeper mail the payments for you: no supplies needed on your end to keep bill payments up-to-date.

Outsource check printing and mailing for hassle-free bill paying

Save time, money, and energy by having Checkeeper print and mail your check payments directly. Checks ordered before 4pm EST will be printed and mailed within the day at the priority mailing speed of your choice. Send invoice tables, pay stubs, and other attachments or enclosures, if needed. Checkeeper provides all the paper, printing supplies, envelopes, stamps, and post office runs for you so that your checks are mailed accurately and promptly.

Record and sync financial data automatically

Writing out payment checks to each vendor requires a lot of time: not only for the check-issuing itself, but also for the recording of payment amounts and check details in both your check registry and in your online accounting or bookkeeping platform. Many online accounting software programs don’t offer check printing among their features. Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used accounting and payroll products, and it offers a secure, online check registry that automatically records all check details for you. Less manual entry means fewer mistakes, omissions, and computation errors. Automatic registering of checks frees up more of your time and improves overall accuracy in expense tracking and bookkeeping.

Improve financial management by ending overdue payments.

Overdue payments waste money, disrupt stable cash flow, take budgeting off track, and create unnecessary stress for everyone, including your suppliers. Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper helps keep payments up-to-date for more stable, predictable cash flow and optimal relationships with suppliers. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service, a complement to other accounting software, or as a complete print-and-mail outsourcing option. Working with a bookkeeper? Checkeeper allows your remote or onsite bookkeeper as much access to your account as you authorize, and she or he can order checks printed on demand from anywhere at any time.

Keep the credit score high and the penalty fees low by using automating tools, like online check printing, to make timely payments for all your business obligations.