Online Check Printing Misconceptions Cleared Up

Apr 5, 2024

Researching the right automating tools is important when starting or expanding your business. Many small business owners who are reluctant to invest in tech tools for their companies often assume digital tools are expensive, difficult to learn, or only for large companies. In fact, automating tools for businesses have come a long way to create software and online products that can help businesses of any size manage the finances and streamline the processes, all with very little effort or investment on the user’s part. Online check printing offers universal access to printable, customizable check templates that improve accuracy, reduce costs, and give the company’s branding a unique edge. Still unsure about adopting online check printing and mailing? Some common myths and misconceptions cleared up.

Misconception 1: Printing your own checks requires specialty equipment

Investing in a lot of new software, servers, devices, and printing equipment is a commonly-cited reason among small business owners for a reluctance to adopt new technology tools. However, the digital tools commonly available to business owners are the opposite of what they used to be; instead of being expensive, expertise-needing, and complicated, online tools popular today are inexpensive, user-friendly, and designed to automate multiple business processes at once. Most cloud-based tools take care of the storage and transmission of data for you so that there is nothing special to download, update, maintain, and fix. Online check printing is no different. Checkeeper users can print customized business checks from any device they use, on any check stock they prefer, using any printer and toner they have handy. No special equipment needed.

Misconception 2: Self-printed checks won’t look professional

Online check printing upgrades the professionalism of business checks by enabling users to customize checks to suit specific business needs. Give your checks a quality professional look by designing them in tandem with your other marketing materials and by adding to them specialty elements that simplify and streamline the bookkeeping. Upload a color logo to reinforce brand recognition among every client, employee, and vendor you pay. Add invoice tables, documentation, and special check fields so that your checks are unique, practical, and memorable. Outsourcing the check printing and mailing directly to Checkeeper adds an even greater professional touch.

Misconception 3: You need a certain number of checks to make online check printing software worth it

A great feature of Checkeeper is that it works for companies with only a few checks needed each month just as well as it does for companies with hundreds of checks to send each month. Checkeeper puts no limits or minimums on how many checks you print, and there is no upselling, add-on fees, tiered programs, or additional surcharges for unlimited check printing and designing options. Need an inordinately large number of checks suddenly, like for customer rebates or refunds? Online check printing has been assisting busy offices, law firms, and service businesses that find themselves in need of a high-volume check order that exceeds the time and supplies available in-house. A call or email can get a custom quote on a large check order. With neither limits nor minimums, there is no “wrong” number of checks for Checkeeper’s application to handle.

Misconception 4: Printing your own checks is not secure

Security is crucial for financial software, and you don’t want to choose a check-printing service that does not follow strict security protocols and protections. Checkeeper safeguards accounts by following advised security practices:

Bank-level data encryption

Password protection

HIPAA and GDPR compliance

SOC II compliance

Authorizations for additional users

Backed up data

Monitored sites

Leaving blank, ready-to-use business checks around or accessible can open a company up to misuse and fraud. Online check printing allows you to print checks only when you need them.

Misconception 5: Online check printing requires a big tech investment

Contrary to what many people assume about adopting new software tools for their businesses, many online financial management tools are cost-effective and require very little from their user in terms of expense or expertise. Checkeeper saves thousands of bookkeepers and small business owners money each month because:

·       The monthly cost is low

·       The first 2 weeks are free

·       Checkeeper works with any computer, printer, and paper you already own

·       Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone product or as a complement to other bookkeeping software programs that don’t offer check printing features

·       Checkeeper has no hidden fees, add-ons, upselling, or extra service charges no matter how many checks you print

·       Checkeeper integrates automatically with Gusto, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, and various other accounting and bookkeeping products for businesses

·       Your Checkeeper account goes wherever you do, allowing universal, 24/7 access from any device you have handy

·       Checkeeper offers complete outsourcing of check printing and mailing to save business owners time and money

·       You can cancel anytime without penalty