Online Check Printing for Nonprofits

Aug 25, 2023
Online Check Printing for Nonprofits

Businesses and organizations of all sizes benefit from the convenience and affordability of online check printing. Online check printing through Checkeeper streamlines the bookkeeping, saves time, and improves accuracy. Businesses and organizations with unique bookkeeping needs especially appreciate the versatility of online check printing that allows total customization, automatic recording, cloud security, integrated accounting, and comprehensive mailing options for expenses that need to be paid quickly.

Nonprofit organizations have unique bookkeeping considerations that sometimes require extra attention in order for the organization to thrive and maintain its nonprofit tax status. Online check printing and mailing can be the ideal go-to tool for helping nonprofit organizations reduce the paperwork and manage the books more efficiently. Consider the benefits to adding online check printing to your nonprofit’s financial toolkit.

Checkeeper helps nonprofits:

·       Stay accountable

When it comes to bookkeeping and financial management, accountability is vital for nonprofit organizations. Every expenditure must be accounted for, in both its function and its funding source. Checkeeper offers users enhanced accountability by allowing account owners to:

authorize and/or limit user permissions when multiple employees need access

trace each check transaction back to the person who initiated it

record automatically every check detail in a secure online registry for on-demand searching, downloading, or printing

take advantage of Checkeeper’s account security measures that reduce the opportunities for fraud

have checks printed and mailed for them with priority mailing options that offer tracking so that the chain of custody can be traced with each mailed check

·       Work with multiple funds simultaneously

Nonprofits that have money held in multiple accounts or who are required to pay certain expenses from specifically-designated funds can appreciate Checkeeper’s unlimited linked account feature. Link as many checking accounts as needed; one Checkeeper account offers it all: unlimited number of checks printed, unlimited check layout features, and unlimited linked bank accounts—all included in the same monthly price.

·       Streamline paying and recording expenses

Expense tracking can become time-consuming and tedious, but it is vital to nonprofit bookkeeping. Online check printing through Checkeeper helps keep the records organized by offering users the ability to:

convert bills directly into checks for a faster, more accurate bill-paying process

maintain a complete lifetime history of all checks created

search the online registry according to any check field

integrate data with other widely-used accounting, payment, and payroll software

·       Delegate and share access

Organizations that rely on multiple people to help out with the routine financial management need to use software that can be shared and accessed remotely. Software downloads that are device-specific get outdated quickly and cannot be easily shared by multiple users. Online check printing utilizes cloud technology so that data can be entered once by any delegated employee, and it is then updated in real time across all channels for the benefits of other employees who need access. Virtual bookkeepers, remote employees, and financial managers who are traveling can all benefit from the 24/7 access and user permission authorization that Checkeeper offers.

·       Save money

Online check printing works with budgets both large and small. Since Checkeeper’s online check printing and mailing services are cloud-based, users spend nothing on in-house IT hires, software maintenance, updating, security, or troubleshooting—it is all handled for you, and free customer service is available and attentive to walk you though any issues. The website is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to learn, saving clients thousands of dollars—and countless hours—spent on training. Checkeeper also offers a completely free 14-day trial, so there is no financial risk involved.

Nonprofits on a tight or carefully monitored budget—which is most of them—appreciate the value, savings, convenience, and security that online check printing and mailing offers over traditional check issuing.