Online Check Printing for Experienced Business Owners

Nov 14, 2023
Online Check Printing for Experienced Business Owners

Younger entrepreneurs tend to garner a lot of attention because of their innovative start-up ideas, but the majority of business owners in the U.S. are still aged 55 and over. While young entrepreneurs have some unique advantages related to their age, their familiarity with younger demographics, and their intuitive connection to online marketing channels, older entrepreneurs enjoy some unique benefits, too, that have come about from years of experience handling complex business tasks and building client relationships. Older business owners benefit from:

· More years of management experience than younger entrepreneurs

· Past experience working for someone else, giving them both employee and employer perspectives

· More time to build good credit

· More time to build business relationships with vendors, suppliers, and other companies

· A built-up company reputation

· Experience handling challenging customer service issues

While a lot of newer payment options exist today than may have been available when many people started their companies years ago, not all are right for each type of business. Many online accounting and payroll products have come along to simplify and streamline business bookkeeping, but choosing among them can be overwhelming for those not accustomed to cloud-based services, and not all of the online accounting products include check printing and mailing, which are still essential components of any business bookkeeping system.

More established companies can improve and update their business payment methods by adopting online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper. Consider some unique benefits older entrepreneurs have discovered with Checkeeper:

Online check printing requires no tech expertise

One of the main reasons business owners cite for reluctance to adopt digital tools is the belief that a lot of them are complicated and require sophisticated IT skills. In fact, many digital tools used today are just the opposite. Cloud-based and online software are among the most user-friendly tools a busy business owner can adopt. Checkeeper is an easy-to-navigate software that is cloud-based, so all security, updates, maintenance, and IT troubleshooting are handled automatically. Since there is nothing to download, your Checkeeper account is not device-specific; you can access it from any device, print checks on any printer, and work from any location you can get an internet connection.

Online check printing requires no new equipment investment

No specialty printers, toners, servers, or equipment are needed to create legally-viable checks. Have a check stock you’ve used for years? Have a company logo that is well-recognized in your area and industry? No problem: use them both with Checkeeper. Checkeeper continues the check layout and appearance you were already using, but updates the features. Upload your color logo into the Checkeeper check template to create a custom look. Add your contact and banking info, and print away as many checks as needed! Not a single specialty item is required—and if you have Checkeeper print and mail the checks for you, you won’t even need a pen.

Online check printing bridges the gap between traditional payment methods and modern technology

While many payment methods are available for businesses, checks remain a widely-used and widely-trusted method of issuing B2B payments, paychecks, and refunds, rebates, and reimbursements to customers when the need arises. Online payment options that come with hidden fees can end up costing more than they are worth. Online check printing has no hidden fees: one monthly account unlocks all the limitless features and enables you to print as many checks as you want. There are no tiers, pricey add-ons, or surprises.

Online check printing works within the bookkeeping system you already use

More seasoned entrepreneurs are likely to already have in place a bookkeeping and accounting process that works well for their business. Older entrepreneurs are little inclined to upend time-tested methods in favor of more modern experimentations. Online check printing and mailing modernizes the payment methods without disrupting the bookkeeping system you already have in place. It does not require any large-scale or system-wide changes; it only updates the check creating process so that it takes less time, is more efficient, and can be done from anywhere you happen to be working. Checkeeper complements your current bookkeeping system while adding both efficiency and professionalism to your check payments. Checkeeper integrates with many other accounting and payroll software, or it can work as a stand-alone for your check printing and mailing needs.

Checkeeper is ideal for established businesses because it:

· Frees up time

· Can be accessed by remote bookkeepers

· Requires no manual entry of check details in a registry

· Keeps a detailed check history you can export and hand over to your accountant any time

· Has no hidden fees

· Is free to try