Online Check Printing During Bank Deposit Delays

Nov 8, 2023
Online Check Printing During Bank Deposit Delays

A recent technical issue involving the processing of electronic payments has left thousands of customers at several of the largest banks dealing with delays in their direct deposits. While not the fault of the banks originating or receiving the electronic payments, the processing error has adversely affected tens of thousands of customers who depend on direct deposit of their paychecks or who have autopay options enabled for paying their bills and may now find their funds falling short.

Online check printing for emergency situations

People depend on timely delivery of paychecks to cover their expenses. Delays in processing paychecks—even short delays—can wreak havoc on a consumer’s financial life. Overdraft and late payment fees are inevitable for many whose balances fall short of the payment obligations, and while some banks have offered to refund those fees, dealing with them is burdensome and does not alleviate the immediate need to pay bills and cover personal and business expenses without becoming overdrawn.

Checkeeper offers cloud-based software for designing, printing, and mailing checks. While financial institutions sort out the glitches with their ACH payments, consumers can use online check printing to bridge the gap so that bills are up-to-date and businesses can issue paychecks to their employees.

Checks are secure

Checks are one of the most time-tested and trusted ways to transact funds, and they have been used by individuals and businesses in the U.S. for over 250 years. But just because they have been around a while does not mean that they have not had their own modern update within the world of digital payments. Online check printing offers a secure and affordable way to issue checks from your personal device and even have them mailed for you, so that few—or no—supplies are needed on the user’s end. Checkeeper offers a fully-customizable check template, can work with any check stock you prefer, and automatically stores details of every check created in a comprehensive check registry that can be searched, downloaded, or printed in part or full. Checkeeper follows security protocols to keep checks secure:

· Password-protected accounts

· Backed up data

· Multiple user authorization

· SSL encryption

· HIPAA compliance

· GDPR compliance

Checks can be printed and mailed on demand

When the payment system you usually use suffers a glitch, outage, or security breach that shuts it down for an unknown period of time, check printing can step in to keep the payments you need to issue from being disrupted. Once you open a Checkeeper account, you can begin printing checks on demand from your computer, laptop, or phone. Any printer you have is the right printer; any paper you use is the right paper. Whether you need one check for a bill or dozens of checks for employees’ paychecks, one monthly subscription does it all. There are no limits on how many checks you print, how many checking accounts you link, or how many design features you select. Customize your check to your preference and print immediately. For even more efficiency, have Checkeeper print your checks for you and put them in the mail according to the priority mailing speed of your choice.

· USPS First Class

· USPS Priority

· UPS 2nd Day Air

· UPS Next Day Air

· Add attachments, invoice tables, pay stubs, or enclosures

· Checks printed at the Checkeeper fulfillment site are printed in the MICR ink that bank computers recognize for enhanced security

· Checks mailed by Checkeeper are mailed in a #10 double-window business envelope

Checkeeper offers an automated alternative to traditional check writing and is a reliable back-up when electronic payment options are shut down or unavailable. Checkeeper integrates with many of the most widely-used accounting and payroll software products so that data entered once can be synced and updated across multiple platforms for the most seamless, error-free bookkeeping. Checkeeper also works compatibly with Xero and Odoo for converting bills directly into checks (with bundled totals and automatically included invoice tables) for a faster, more efficient way to pay bills that saves time and reduces paperwork. If you need to run an upcoming payroll, Checkeeper can print your payroll checks for you and mail them back to your office overnight. Checkeeper also integrates with Square and Gusto for payroll.

New to Checkeeper?

A free trial unlocks all the features with none of the risk. After that, use Checkeeper month-to-month, with no long-term commitment or contract, and print as many or as few checks as you need. There are no hidden fees or costly add-ons. Access your account from anywhere you can get a connection. Traveling, or away from a printer? Order your checks printed and mailed for you so that you can spend your time and energy on other things, knowing your business and personal payment obligations are not being held up by processing errors beyond your control.