Minimize Disruption When Transitioning from Create-A-Check to Online Check Printing

Jul 11, 2023

Business owners whose payment software has been suddenly discontinued know that minimizing the disruption is a top priority while they hunt for a new provider. This is especially true when paychecks and other time-sensitive payments are involved. Checkeeper makes the transition from a discontinued service to Checkeeper’s platform as smooth as possible to get your needed checks printed and put in the mail immediately.

Minimize the disruption through Checkeeper

If your business no longer relies upon Create-A-Check, Secure 32, or another discontinued service to create checks, then you will find Checkeeper an ideal and nondisruptive alternative.  Checkeeper minimizes disruption during your transition because its all-inclusive online check printing service allows new users to:

Use the check stock you were already using

If you’ve ever printed a check in-house before, chances are you already own check stock. Before you invest in a lot of new supplies or equipment to print checks with a new software, consider that Checkeeper can work with any paper or check stock you prefer on the printer you already own. Use the same printer, the same paper, the same design, and the same logo. Once your Checkeeper account is opened, you can transition quickly to the Checkeeper template options.

Use the accounting software you were already using

One of the unique benefits of Checkeeper is that it can work as a stand-alone service for all your payment check and payroll check needs, or it can work compatibly with the accounting and payroll software programs your business already uses. Checkeeper integrates with QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Gusto, Square, Xero, and more for streamlined, efficient bookkeeping.

The worst time to lose access to check printing is right before payroll needs to be run. Unfortunately, this has happened to hundreds of businesses over the last two years as financial institutions and AP services have suffered outages, cyberhacks, disruptions, and discontinuations. But employees still need to be paid. Checkeeper can intervene in these situations to get your employees’ paychecks created, printed, and recorded while your business works to fix the situation. If your employees work in-house, Checkeeper can print as large a batch of paychecks as you need and mail them back overnight for disbursement at your office. A variety of other priority mailing options are also available to accommodate your needs and your employees’ work locations. Checkeeper also integrates with Gusto, one of the most widely-used payroll management products used by businesses.

Learn the software quickly

The worst time to start learning a brand-new system is the moment you need to use it. Checkeeper has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate template that takes virtually no time to master. Online videos, website instructions, and top-quality customer service can assist with any troubleshooting or outstanding questions so that you can get your checks printed and mailed quickly.

Start with a free trial

Not sure if online check printing is right for you? Before you make a big investment or sign a lengthy contract, start with a Checkeeper free trial that costs nothing but unlocks all the features of limitless check printing. Once you’re satisfied, continue for as long as you want with a month-to-month service is that is high-quality and low-commitment.

Work from anywhere

Checkeeper is a cloud-based financial management tool that enables users to connect from anywhere they work, 24/7. Need to have a check mailed while you are out of town or away from a printer and post office? Out of supplies or short on time? Access your account from anywhere and order your checks printed and mailed by Checkeeper. Working with a virtual bookkeeper? Bookkeepers and accountants are already very familiar with Checkeeper and the benefits of online check printing, and they can be authorized to access your account to pay bills on your behalf and keep all data updated across all channels in real time.