How To Create A Layout

Alejandra Tamayo
Aug 27, 2021
How To Create A Layout

Hooray! You created a check! If you plan to submit these to be mailed by Checkeeper, we love that for you, but this article doesn't pertain to that service. Email us at to customize your mailing layout.

For all of our DIY printing users, learning how to set up a layout properly is an important skill to master, because checks won't print correctly unless the layout is set up the right way. Read on to learn how you can use our powerful layout editor to turn a simplistic check into anything you want. You have the vision, we have the tools.

Click the “Layouts” button from your left side dashboard. To view all of the layouts we offer, click on "Create New Layout".

To select the layout you will print on, click on the settings pinwheel on the top right hand corner of the layout preview and select “Make Active”. The active layout will be the format for all of your printed checks. You can change this at any time by making a different layout active.

Which Layout Do I Pick?

Checkeeper provides users six layouts to choose from. The “Cityscape” layout is built for printing on blank paper. (Disclaimer: checks printed on blank paper may not be accepted at some establishments due to their own policies and regulations.)

The “Pre-printed” layout is ideal for printing on either blank or preprinted check stock. The “Simple” layout is for those that prefer a sleek, minimalistic look. The "Blank" layout is ideal for users who want to build their layout from scratch. The final two are a “Check-on-Bottom” and a Gusto-Payroll-themed layout.

For printing on blank paper:

For printing on blank check stock or pre-printed check stock:

Aaaaand, that's a wrap! To learn more about all the ways you can customize your layout, click here.