Template Editor: Features

Alejandra Tamayo
Aug 27, 2021

Say goodbye to plain, boring checks, and say hello to our powerful template editor that will make your customizing dreams come true. Checkeeper includes built-in template features such as elements, drag and drop capabilities, background images, custom fields, and more formatting adjustments. The following breaks down our list of features, so you can best create your unique template.

One you are logged in, navigate to the "Templates" tab in the left side bar menu. Find the template you want to use and click "Edit Template", as shown below. I will be demonstrating using the "Cityscape" template.

Welcome to Your Template Editor

Let's kick things off with {{Elements}}, shall we?

Elements include all bracketed words or phrases present on your template; some of which include written amount, payee, address, date, etc.

A good rule of thumb: you do not need to touch your keyboard while customizing your template, unless prompted when adding bank account information. Do not delete elements and type info in yourself. If an element is deleted, the system will not be able to print the check.

Drag and Drop with Ease

This feature allows you to seamlessly move elements onto the template.

You don’t have to stick with our blue background - you can upload your own!

Create Custom Fields

Remember {{elements}}? Of course you do. "Custom fields" are elements that you create to drag-n-drop onto the check.

Give Your Template a New Title

Our editor is exciting, but the titles of our templates are not. That is because we give you the option to name your templates!

Modify the Look of Your Text

Finally, you can adjust the font and sizes from the bar that is located above the template. You can change font size, font type, text alignment, and also make it bold and/or italic.

We sincerely hope you found this document helpful. If you have any questions regarding templates, or all things Checkeeper, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@checkeeper.com anytime Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. Happy template editing! :)