Designing a Color Logo for Your Checks

Dec 20, 2023
Designing a Color Logo for Your Checks

Business checks are financial tools, but they can also be marketing tools that reinforce brand awareness each time a payment is issued. Adding a color business logo to a check reminds recipients of your brand and helps them connect your company to notions of financial strength. An effective, well-designed, and strategically-placed logo on your business checks lends greater credibility and professionalism to your payment transactions.

Trying to decide on a logo for your business check? Keep in mind the purposes a logo serves for your business and the benefits of placing one on your professional checks. Logos on checks work best when they are:


Checks are small documents, so the logo you place in the top corner will be have to be created with that in mind. An ideal logo will be simple in design so that miniaturizing for the check does not blur its appearance or obscure its details. Your logo should be creative, yet straightforward, so that its design can be instantly recognized and processed by those who view it.


You can print your logo in standard black ink, but using brighter, more vivid colors will help a logo stand out and be recognizable for better brand reinforcement. Checkeeper enables you to print color logos on every check so that your business stands out to all the people you have to pay. Keeping your logo simple in design—but vibrant in color—makes it suitable and effective for conveying onto your checks.

Consistent with the branding strategy

Checks are transactional documents that communicate financial strength to every vendor, employee, customer, and business affiliate with whom you do business. They can also be marketing tools that work compatibly with your other marketing material to help advertise your company and reinforce your brand. Neglecting to include a color logo on checks creates missed opportunities for enhancing brand awareness and creating cohesion with your business communications. Use or adapt your business logo so that it matches what is already being used on your website, email messages, stationary, and invoices. Adding a color logo to your checks is an easy way to maintain consistency in your marketing.


Though small in size, your color business logo should stand out so that it is attention-getting and memorable. It should be unique in design and not reminiscent of other companies or too similar to a competitor’s logo. Effective logos also have a clear connection to the product or service represented so that clients and vendors can make the immediate link between a brand logo and its product. Taking the time to research other logos popular in your industry will help you design something that is truly unique from other businesses but relevant to your product.

Checkeeper can put a color logo on every check

Adding a color logo to a check is an inexpensive and simple way to give your company a little bit of extra promotion with each check payment. Logos on checks work in conjunction with other marketing materials for your company and provide an additional opportunity to communicate company values, goals, and products offered. Checkeeper offers an easy-to-use check printing software that enables fast uploading of your business logo and custom positioning within your check template so that your logo “pops” on each check. The Checkeeper template editor is your guide to creating the perfect custom business check, complete with your choice of colors, fonts, and designs that suit your business and your personal style preferences.

Only Checkeeper enables customized and uniquely designed business checks that help create cohesion with your business’s overall branding while also communicating that extra level of professionalism.