CSV Upload Advanced Features

Jeff Meagher
Feb 8, 2018
CSV Upload Advanced Features

Looking for a more simple description? Check out the Bulk Check Upload post.

Populate Template Custom Fields

You've done all you can with the typical CSV upload now, right? Great. Do you have custom fields added to your template? We can handle that! You're allowed up to 5 custom elements per template, and we give you a way to upload data to each of those 5 custom elements. You'll see in the sample csv the last 5 columns are Custom Field 1-5. It might seem a bit daunting to figure out which custom field value should go in which cell in the CSV, but it's actually pretty easy! Load up your template editor screen for the template that has custom fields. You'll notice that we display them in the elements list in the order they were created. That order matches Custom Fields 1-5 in the CSV upload. So if you're hoping to fill "field 1" on your template, be sure to put the data in Column K under the Custom Field 1 heading.


Populate a Custom Invoice Table

This is currently only available through our Fulfillment Services; it will not print on a check if you print your own.

Maybe you're paying bills with the check and you're not using one of the many addons we offer for interaction with popular online bookeeping software. We get it -- they're not for everyone.

By taking a look at our sample csv with custom invoice table, you'll see that after the custom fields, there's room to add 10 rows of an invoice table. Each row has 3 columns. You can add whatever you'd like to the first two, named Description and Details, but the third must contain a dollar amount. Both Description and Details are capped at 256 characters, but remember you only have so much room before they're cut off due to running out of room horizontally. What you might typically see is putting an invoice/bill number as Description and an issued or due date as the Details for each.

Once those are uploaded, you'll see a sample table when you view a check by clicking on it from the registry.