Bulk Check Upload

Jeff Meagher
Nov 10, 2015
Bulk Check Upload

You've got lots of checks. Tons of them. And you've already entered the data into some other program. But you want Checkeeper to fulfill them for you. Because, after all, who really wants to lick all those envelopes?

We've got just the option for you! If you can get that check data into our handy-dandy CSV importer, you're all set! Checks will be imported and we'll even let you know if a check had a problem importing though we'll continue importing all of them.

Screenshot of import with errors

So how do you get this going? Well login to your account and click the up arrow at the top right of your registry (it's right next to the search icon.) From that page, you'll be able to download a copy of our sample CSV file, which you'll want to set your file up to mimic. Make sure to save your file as a text file. If you're using Microsoft Excel, export it as a CSV. There's no need to put text in quotation marks, either. Each record should be on a new line.

Are you using multiple templates? No problem. You get to select your template on upload. So if you have 3 templates you need checks for, just run the CSV uploader 3 times, 1 for each template!

Great! So we've imported all the checks you've wanted, and they've all passed our validation requirements. What should you do now? Head back to the registry and select some checks to mail or print!

Interested in some more advanced features such as specifying values for your template's custom fields or building your own custom invoice table? Be sure to check out our CSV Upload Advanced Features post.