New Action Menu

Justin Rockwell
Oct 21, 2015
New Action Menu

Hurray a blog! Hurray a new feature!

We figured at the very least we could set up this sweet new blog and quickly demonstrate some of the check writing features that we have been (and will be adding) to Checkeeper.

Bulk check fulfillment feature

You can now select multiple checks that you want us to print and mail for you. It's simple to use and makes your life easier.

checkeeper's action menu

Checkeeper will then walk you through the steps that will have us print and mail your checks for you.

If you're not familiar with Checkeeper's Fulfillment services, have a look here.

A few other options too

In addition to selecting to have us print and mail your checks, you can also chose to bulk-void and bulk-delete you checks. Just remember, there is no un-doing the delete. Careful, buddy!