Cloud Software for Streamlined Financial Management

Aug 29, 2023
Cloud Software for Streamlined Financial Management

Cloud-based software has become an attractive and affordable option for many small businesses. Cloud-based products that are offered online tend to be user-friendly because they are specifically designed to be navigated quickly by anyone who uses the internet. Since many are offered through pay-as-you-go subscription services, cloud financial software is a more affordable option for small business budgets, as one monthly cost includes all the features needed, and, without lengthy contracts or commitments, services can be accessed, upgraded, or canceled on-demand.

Online check printing through Checkeeper is a cloud-based financial tool that offers many benefits to businesses trying streamline and optimize the bookkeeping. Cloud-based check printing and mailing through Checkeeper provides business owners and managers some vital benefits, including:

Universal access

When you’re working from your home, a client’s office, or a remote location, cloud-based software can keep you connected to your books. Update financial data, reconcile accounts, print checks, run payroll, and pay bills from wherever you are. Many cloud software programs for businesses integrate with one another so that the data you enter once can be synced across other channels for reduced data entry and enhanced accuracy. Selecting programs that are mobile-optimized enables you can take care of financial matters right from your phone or tablet. Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used financial software products for businesses so that you can print and mail checks from anywhere and keep your payment records stored and organized automatically. Your online check registry stores a history of every check created, and the registry can be searched by any check field or can be downloaded and printed according to any date range.

Hassle-free maintenance

Accounting products that have to be purchased and downloaded can create headaches later. They need to be updated to stay useful, and the troubleshooting or maintenance they require may necessitate more IT expertise than you have in house. Checkeeper can help keep bills and payments up-to-date while handling all the maintenance, updating and security for you. Checkeeper backs up data automatically, uses the same level of encryption that banks use, and is GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant. All accounts are password-protected and can only be accessed by the employees you authorize. Checkeeper enables you to print customized business checks but does not touch your funds, keeping you in control of your money and your account and reducing opportunities for fraud.

Collaborative opportunities

Downloads are device-specific, which limits employee access and makes delegation and workflow management a challenge. Cloud services can be accessed from any device that gets an internet connection, and since the input data is stored in the cloud, it can be updated, retrieved, exported, or searched by any team member who is authorized. Connect with onsite managers, remote employees, or your virtual bookkeeper for more streamlined management and optimal communication. Checkeeper is popular with bookkeepers for good reason: Checkeeper offers unlimited check printing on any type of check stock for an unlimited number of linked checking accounts.

Real-time accuracy

Make bookkeeping more accurate in less time by using programs that integrate with one another. Data entry errors, computation errors, and inaccurate totals due to repetition or omission can all be significantly reduced when you use online programs that communicate with one another. Checkeeper works compatibly with many accounting, payment, and payroll products, including QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero, Square, and others for simplified and streamlined bookkeeping. Run payroll, pay vendors, and convert bills directly into checks for fast, accurate financial management.

The costs for servers, software licenses, computer hardware, and in-house IT hires makes many software products unaffordable for small businesses on small budgets. Cloud-based services have come a long way in offering even the smallest company simple and affordable ways to improve financial management. Since many financial management products are designed to scale along with a business, clients pay for the features most needed and can add enhanced features or additional users later to keep up with business growth. One Checkeeper account can handle check orders of any size: print one check or one-thousand, and Checkeeper will even mail checks for you when your supplies run low or your time is better spent elsewhere.