Checkeeper Prints and Mails Checks for Busy Healthcare Offices

May 3, 2024
Checkeeper Prints and Mails Checks for Busy Healthcare Offices

Online check printing is a great addition to financial management tools for busy medical and healthcare offices. Secure and trusted, Checkeeper is HIPAA compliant and follows security protocols to keep personal health information confidential and protected.

Busy healthcare and medical offices benefit from using Checkeeper to issue customized, on-demand checks for all their various types of payments. Checkeeper is the go-to service for:

Paying bills

Whether your office issues a few checks each month, a large number of checks each month, or a wide variation of checks each month, Checkeeper is the answer. With one fixed monthly rate, you can print as many or as few checks as needed with no hidden fees, upselling, tiered pricing, or surprise add-ons. Checkeeper prints unlimited checks that you can issue to vendors, suppliers, insurance providers, clients, employees, and other affiliates your office routinely pays.

Printing paychecks

Checkeeper offers check-printing assistance to thousands of companies with extensive payroll needs. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone service for printing paychecks (with pay stubs) for those employees paid by paper check, or it can work in conjunction with other payroll and HR software that your office uses to compute and issue paychecks. All check details are automatically recorded and stored for later analysis, exporting, tax prep, reconciling, and tracking. If you opt to have Checkeeper print your paychecks for you, checks can be mailed directly to recipients or back to your office in one convenient bundle for onsite distribution.

Sending out reimbursements with documentation

When you need to send customers reimbursement checks, Checkeeper makes it easy to add attachments and enclosures. Checkeeper offers a HIPAA-compliant service that is committed to keeping personal health and identifying information confidential. Add benefits explanations, invoice tables, promotional material, or any other pertinent documentation to your mailings; upload your color business logo to print on each check, and add specific check fields to your custom template if it aids your bookkeeping. Print and mail all your checks from your office, or have Checkeeper print and mail the items for you during busy times.

Busy medical offices outsource check printing and mailing

More and more businesses today are opting to outsource the check printing and mailing whenever possible.

If your accounting software does not support customizable check printing, or if your office staff is overly burdened with too many routine financial management and bill-paying tasks, outsourcing to Checkeeper is the answer. Order your checks to be printed and sent from the Checkeeper fulfillment center and have them in the mail by the end of business. If you have an inordinately large order of checks—for refunds or reimbursements—have Checkeeper take all the work off your desk. Upload a spreadsheet or CSV file with the pertinent payment data, and the Checkeeper application will populate all the check fields with the relevant information automatically. A call or email to Checkeeper will get you a custom quote and time frame for high-volume orders.

Checkeeper does not touch your funds or move them from one bank account to another; it simply offers customizable check templates to be designed and redesigned according to user needs and then printed on demand from any location.

Bookkeepers and office managers in healthcare facilities benefit from the unique benefits of custom check printing and mailing through Checkeeper. Checkeeper offers check-printing software that is an asset to healthcare and medical offices because it is:

·       Compliant with HIPAA and GDPR

·       Secured and monitored

·       Password protected

·       Accessible 24/7 from anywhere

·       Compatible with many widely-used accounting and payroll software for healthcare offices

·       Fully customizable to suit your specific bookkeeping needs

·       Easy to learn and use

·       Supported with prompt customer service

·       Free to try