Checkeeper Keeps You Informed of Mail Holidays so that You Can Plan Ahead

Jul 22, 2022
Checkeeper Keeps You Informed of Mail Holidays so that You Can Plan Ahead

Sending checks through the mail is a secure way to issue payments that has been used by businesses for decades. An estimated 18 billion checks travel through the mail annually. And while mailing checks is a generally safe way to transmit payments, you can enhance the security of your mailed checks in a few simple ways:

· use a security envelope to obscure the contents

· do not leave lines on the check blank

· take the check to the post office yourself or submit through a trusted mailing service

· obtain a tracking number to monitor delivery

For payments that are large or time-sensitive, it is always advisable to obtain a tracking number so that you can follow the chain of custody to prevent delays or disputes later on. It is also advisable to stay abreast of federal postal holidays when there is no mail delivery so that your payments do not take an unnecessarily or unexpectedly long time to travel to their destinations.

Federal holidays impact mail delivery

Staying on top of postal holidays when there is no mail delivery service helps your business payment schedule stay organized and guarantees your checks arrive when expected. According to the US Postal Service, mail delivery is unavailable on designated holidays. While some federal holidays fall on the same specific date each year, others fall on varying dates or may be observed on a subsequent Monday, making them part of extended weekends in which your mailed checks will take even longer to arrive. An updated annual list of federal holidays with no mail delivery is available online, and it should be consulted by businesses who conduct financial transactions via mail.

Online services are always available. But delivery may not be.

Checkeeper can print and mail business checks from its fulfillment center the very same day they are ordered. Clients have the option to use first class mail, priority mail, 2 day, or overnight mailing depending on the urgency of the payment and the need for tracking features. Checkeeper follows the postal holiday schedule and does not mail payments on any day the post office does not operate. While you can always print checks at your own office through your Checkeeper account on any day, at any time, those checks printed and mailed from the Checkeeper fulfillment center will go out the next day mail service is available. Maintaining a calendar of mail service and closures ensures that you do not underestimate the time needed to get your payments out to vendors or to process payroll checks.

Checkeeper’s all-in-one check issuing service keeps you up to date on post office closures

Checkeeper offers complete check services for your business or personal needs. You can print business or personal checks 24 hours per day from the comfort of your home or office. But if you’d rather save the time and the cost of supplies, Checkeeper can print and mail checks on your behalf and get them into the mail—with tracking numbers—for fast, secure delivery. Checkeeper alleviates the need to keep mailing supplies in the office for businesses that are small on space or conduct a lot of transactions on the go. For little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper can print and mail as many checks as needed to designated payees. The Checkeeper website can keep you up-to-date on postal closures that impact mail delivery so that you always know in advance when your payments should be ordered for timely delivery.