A More Expedient Payment Process with Online Check Printing

Feb 9, 2024

Online check printing and mailing provides optimal efficiency for paying bills and keeping records up-to-date. Checkeeper improves financial management by offering users accountability, accuracy, and prompt delivery for those times a paper check is the preferred payment method. Online check printing saves time by making the payment process faster, smoother, and more accurate for businesses of all sizes.

Online check printing creates a more expedient payment process. Here's how to save time and reduce work:

Convert bills directly to check payments

Link Checkeeper with your Xero or Odoo account to have the information on unpaid invoices imported and converted directly into check payments that you can print from your office or order to be printed and mailed for you. Checkeeper’s intuitive platform allows you to expediently convert bills into checks, with bundled totals to the same recipient and attached invoice tables, which streamline the bookkeeping and reduce paperwork.

Integrate check transactions with your accounting applications

Checkeeper works compatibly with many of the online accounting and payroll software most commonly used by businesses. Syncing check data with your other accounting platforms improves accuracy and enables real-time updates of your accounts with less data entry. Checkeeper can also work with payroll software to provide paper paychecks and pay stubs to those employees who are paid by check.

Authorize user permissions for better workflow management

Only online tools can give multiple users real-time access to financial accounts; online, cloud-based tools allow authorized users to access and share information any time of the day, from anywhere they choose to work. Checkeeper allows account holders to authorize team members to issue check payments on the business’s behalf: those user permissions can be expanded, limited, changed, or revoked at any time. Checkeeper’s universal accessibility is especially helpful for businesses that work with a bookkeeper or accountant, who can remotely access the check registry and search, print, download, or analyze for maximum efficiency.

Maintain an online check registry

Online check printing allows you to replace the physical check registries and handwritten ledgers with a secure, online registry that automatically stores the details of every check created in the account: no additional data entry required from users. When you later need to reconcile accounts, research a payment, analyze spending, or hand over records to your accountant, your online check registry offers an up-to-date record of all checks created and can be searched by any check field.

Use same-day mailing services

For those times when you don’t have the hours or supplies to print and mail your own checks, Checkeeper has you covered. Checkeeper can print your customized business checks from the fulfillment site and have them in the mail according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. Orders placed on business days before 4pm EST can be in the mail that same day. Need tracking for an urgent or important payment? Choose a mailing option that includes a tracking number. Have hundreds or thousands of checks to issue at once for customer rebates or refunds? Have Checkeeper print and mail them all for you to save you maximum time and money. Need a large batch of paychecks printed and returned to your office for onsite disbursement? Checkeeper can print the needed paychecks and send them back to your office the next day in one economical bundle.

Checkeeper saves time without compromising accuracy

Small business owners continue to cite financial management, tax preparation, and bill-paying to be among the biggest drains of their time and energy. Online, cloud-based tools can help streamline routine financial management tasks while also improving efficiency and accuracy. Online check printing and mailing can keep payments up-to-date through a simple check-printing process that takes far less time than traditional methods and stores records automatically for convenient retrieval, analysis, and sharing. Updating the business bookkeeping system to include Checkeeper is a guaranteed way to get more of your time back and reduce the headaches (and potential late fees) that result from disorganized, time-consuming, or outdated bookkeeping processes.