9 Signs that Checkeeper is Right for Your Business

Apr 26, 2024

Not sure if online check printing and mailing is right for you? Hundreds of thousands of users have found Checkeeper to be the go-to solution when a check payment is needed. Consider nine signs that Checkeeper is right for you, as well.

Checkeeper is the right software for you if:

1.    You have a variable number of checks each month for your business

With no limits on how many checks you can print, and no minimums, either, Checkeeper is the go-to solution for businesses whose bills and expenses vary by month or season. There are no hidden fees, surcharges, or variable tiered-service plans. One fixed price unlocks all the features of unlimited check printing.

2.    You use cloud accounting for expenses or payroll

Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used applications for professional financial management. Checkeeper can work as a stand-alone check printing service for your business, or it can work with QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Gusto, Square, Xero, Odoo, and more pending.

3.    You need an outsourcing option when the check volume is high

When you have a high volume of checks to send out quickly, doing it all on your own is less than ideal. Printing hundreds or thousands of checks from your office—while still faster and more efficient than writing and recording them manually—still takes a lot of time and energy, and it may tax more of your employee time than you’d like to spare. That’s when Checkeeeper check mailing services are the answer. For little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper can have your needed checks printed and mailed. For a high-volume order, a call or email to Checkeeper can get you a custom quote and timeframe so that your clients, employees, and affiliates can be paid promptly. Checkeeper has issued thousands of checks for businesses with high-volume needs, including checks for:

·       Customer rebates

·       Client refunds

·       Health care reimbursements

·       Legal settlement payments for class-action lawsuits

4.    You are a NetSuite user looking for custom check-printing features

When your old check service becomes obsolete, discontinued, or unable to fulfill your volume and customization of business checks, Checkeeper can step in for as long or as short a term as needed. Many former AvidXchange users are transitioning to Checkeeper to keep needed check payments on time.

5.    You have multiple checking accounts or a multi-purpose account

If your business issues payments from more than one account, or if you use a single account for multiple purposes, online check printing and mailing is ideal. Checkeeper does not move funds from your bank account; Checkeeper enables you to change the account and routing numbers each time you create a check, so you can create checks from however many designated accounts you choose. If you use a personal account for some business expenses, you can add your business logo to the check template just for those checks in order to take advantage of the unique branding opportunity online check printing offers.

6.    You want to upgrade the professionalism of your checks

Nothing gives checks a more professional appearance than full customization on premium-quality check stock. Checkeeper enables you to upload and store design elements, color business logos, saved signatures, and multiple templates. Add custom check elements, as well, to suit your bookkeeping needs or move around check elements to adjust to your chosen check stock.

7.    You work with a virtual bookkeeper

Checkeeper was designed with bookkeepers in mind. One account enables multiple user authorizations so that you can share data with your bookkeeper — either virtually or on site — to issue check payments promptly on your behalf.

8.    You work from more than one location

If you ever work from home, from multiple stores, from your vehicle, from client offices, or from hotel rooms when traveling, your payment system can benefit from online check printing and mailing. Checkeeper goes where you do: an account and a device are all that are needed.

9.    You are spending too much time on financial management

Instead of writing out all your checks and recording the data manually, use Checkeeper to print custom checks in seconds, and have all the check details stored for you automatically. No more checkbooks and ledgers to carry around with you each time you need to make a payment: Checkeeper can have your needed business checks created quickly, stored automatically, and mailed for you, with check data automatically updated in real time along with your other accounting software.

Try Checkeeper without risk

Checkeeper is free to try and can be canceled at any time: no hidden fees, surprise charges, pricey add-ons, or long-term contracts. One subscription unlocks all the features of unlimited check printing, unlimited check mailing, automatic recording, unlimited check design features, and universal access from anywhere.