8 Reasons Bookkeepers Should Try Checkeeper Today

Aug 24, 2023
8 Reasons Bookkeepers Should Try Checkeeper Today

Online check printing is a must-have tool for professional bookkeepers to keep their clients’ bill payments and accounts payable up-to-date and organized. Bookkeepers have many payment tools at their disposal, and for those times when a paper check must be issued and mailed, online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper is the fastest, most economical way to go.

Checkeeper is already the go-to check printing tool for professional bookkeepers. Consider 8 reasons to adopt it now:

1.    Use any number of different check stocks

Trying to keep track of all the different check stocks used by clients? Online check printing does all the organizing for you. Online check printing through Checkeeper works with any and every type of check stock and lets you customize and amend the layouts to suit each client’s needs and preferences. Format your checks in as many different ways as needed with uploaded backgrounds and logos as well as movable check elements that can be dragged, dropped, and modified as desired.

2.    Convert bills to checks directly

Save time when paying clients’ bills by converting bills to checks which can then be issued for payment. Checkeeper works compatibly with Odoo, Xero, and other services for those times when bills can be paid directly by check. Checkeeper automatically bundles totals that are due to the same recipient so that there is as little paperwork and as few mailing elements as necessary for a more streamlined bill-paying process.

3.    Add bookkeeping items specific to client needs

Bookkeepers love Checkeeper because of its endless versatility. Add the attachments and enclosures that are needed for your records, and even add elements directly to the check to assist with more accurate and organized bookkeeping. The Checkeeper template already includes the check fields that are needed to create legally-viable checks: date, payor, payee, amount, and signature—but it also offers the option to add extra fields, like invoice numbers or customer identification numbers when needed; Checkeeper allows easy attachment of invoice tables, paystubs, or other files or materials that your client may want included with the checks.

4.    Maintain a secure online registry

Keep an automatic record of every check issued from your Checkeeper account without ever relying on manual entry. Bookkeepers do not need a special ledger or registry for recording checks because they are all stored automatically in a cloud-based registry that can be easily searched by any check field. Export and print a partial or entire check history for your client on demand in just a few clicks.

5.    Rely on one account to do it all

Checkeeper helps bookkeepers maintain organized management of payments from as many linked checking accounts as needed. Since Checkeeper does not touch client funds, you can link as many accounts as you want and change the routing and account numbers whenever necessary without disrupting the other check elements. You may have many client accounts to work with—but you only need one Checkeeper account to print and mail all the checks you desire.

6.    Integrate with other programs

There is a wide array of accounting and payroll programs available to professional bookkeepers. Chances are, whichever ones you work with, Checkeeper works with, too. Checkeeper integrates with QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Square, Xero, Odoo, FreshBooks, and more for streamlined, accurate bookkeeping in the least amount of time. Reduce data entry and overlap by adding Checkeeper to your other payment tools.

7.    Work from anywhere

More and more bookkeepers are offering their services remotely, which benefits everyone, and cloud technology makes it all possible. The ability to connect with client accounts remotely broadens your potential client pool and enables you to keep payments and records updated in real time across all channels. Online check printing utilizes cloud-based storage and security so that you can print checks for bill payments and paychecks from wherever you are stationed. Checkeeper also offers priority mailing options so that you never have to own, store, or touch a single printing or mailing supply.

8.    Try for free

If you’ve never used online check printing or are looking for a replacement to a previous service, Checkeeper offers a no-risk 14-day trial that unlocks all the features of online check printing without any of the cost. Start customizing your checks, add background images, upload logos, and connect with your other payment, payroll, and accounting software in order to sample all the benefits of printing your checks from the convenience of your home or office.

Checkeeper was designed specifically with accountants and bookkeepers in mind. Checkeeper helps professional bookkeepers with multiple clients and multiple checking accounts stay connected and organized.