7 Business Changes that Make Online Check Printing Necessary

Feb 23, 2024
7 Business Changes that Make Online Check Printing Necessary

Those who have never had to use online check printing before may not realize how much more convenient, affordable, and professional it is over traditional check-writing. Consider seven changes in your business situation that may prompt you to add online check printing and mailing to your office’s digital tools.

1. The office has adopted a payroll or accounting software

Online, cloud-based accounting software tools have come a long way in equipping businesses of any size with automating accounting and bookkeeping tools that streamline the invoicing, payment, and payroll processes. Unfortunately, not all accounting and payroll products offer their own check-printing capabilities, and those that do are often very limited. Online check printing though Checkeeper is a simple add-on to many other accounting and payroll products, including QuickBooks Online, Square, and Gusto, and it can work with any check style or layout you can find on the market. Use check-on-top, check-on-bottom, or check-in-center format; use any type of paper or check stock you like; scan and upload an image of your own preferred check design and then customize the template check fields to match your layout, spacing, and design. There are no limits to customizable features that Checkeeper offers or how many checks you can print each month.

2. The company must issue a customer rebate

Rebate programs have proven to be a great sales incentive for a lot of products, and they are popular with consumers—provided the rebate programs are well-designed and the promised rebates are actually paid. Consumers do not appreciate complicated, lengthy rebate forms and unreliable clearinghouse processes that delay or refuse payment. But does your staff really have the time and resources to write out and mail each check to each deserving customer? Checkeeper does. Checkeeper prints high-volume check orders all day and can streamline the refund or rebate process. Simply upload the CSV file or spreadsheet with the pertinent payment and address information, and let Checkeeper handle all the printing and mailing.

3. Your AP software or service has suffered a disruption

Disruptions to several different payment services have occurred over the last three years, and each one has left hundreds of companies without a method to pay bills and employees. If a payment system you’ve counted on for years suddenly suffers a data breach, security shut down, financial collapse, or sudden discontinuation, you may be left without a reliable way to keep your bills and payroll on their deadlines. Checkeeper has stepped in a lot of these situations to provide temporary or long-term relief for companies that need to bridge the gap between an old system and something new.

4. The office has been downsized

A smaller office space means less room for equipment and supplies: not a problem at all when you use online check printing and mailing. Outsource all your check-printing and mailing needs to Checkeeper and you never need to buy another printer, toner cartridge, box of check stock, check registry, envelope, stamp, or pen again—at least not for your check payments. Checkeeper can provide everything needed and have business checks in the mail within the same business day and sent according to the priority mailing speed of your choice. If you have an internet connection and a device, you have everything you need to order unlimited checks printed and mailed from anywhere.

5. You have recently hired a remote bookkeeper

Virtual bookkeepers add a level of accuracy, experience, and professionalism to the financial management from which many small businesses benefit. They also free up time for busy owners and managers. If you’ve recently taken on the services of a remote bookkeeper, you’ll find online check printing and mailing to be an accessible way to stay connected and keep financial management running smoothly. Your virtual bookkeeper can access your Checkeeper account and issue payments on your business’s behalf. You can oversee his or her work, and you can expand, limit, or change user permissions at any time. And since every check is recorded and stored automatically in the online check registry, you can both stay updated in real time with access to the entire check history.

6. You’ve started taking on freelancers

Many small business owners find hiring freelancers and contractors to be an affordable alternative to full-time hires and an efficient way to tap into greater expertise than what may be available locally. If your freelancers work from home or faraway locations, online check printing and mailing is a convenient way to pay them promptly. Print a customized check on demand and send it—or have it sent—directly to their homes or offices with invoice tables and other payment documentation automatically enclosed.

7. You have to work temporarily from a remote location

Business owners who work on-the-road or who have to start traveling more in order to service their clients benefit greatly from online check printing and mailing. Payments never have to be delayed, regardless of how far from your office you are, because online check printing software goes where you do. Checkeeper is cloud-based and offers users universal account access to keep the printing and delivery of needed payments up-to-date, accurate, and prompt.