6 Reasons to Outsource When Time and Money are Tight

Nov 30, 2023
6 Reasons to Outsource When Time and Money are Tight

When you’re busy, on a tight budget, or in need of additional expertise, outsourcing some routine business, management, marketing, and financial tasks can be a cost- and time-saving option. Consider some benefits of outsourcing some work when time and energy start running low:

1. Free up time

Solopreneurs take on a lot by themselves, but they cannot add more hours to the day. There are limits to what even the most driven individual can accomplish; multitasking can be an option for some types of work, but it is not a great solution for tasks that require more dedicated attention to detail. Outsourcing some of the routine tasks can be a helpful way to get your time back so that it can be devoted to more creative and revenue-generating pursuits.

2. Tap into greater expertise

Those brave enough to start their own business typically have a specialty or a passion that guides their work. But no one is an expert at everything. Regardless of the product or service offered, most small business owners will eventually run up against some work that falls outside their areas of expertise. This is where outsourcing can be an affordable and helpful option to boost expertise and professionalism in areas that might otherwise suffer, such as accounting, administration, public relations, and marketing.

3. Reduce errors

Working with an outsourced company that specializes in one type of work can greatly reduce the possibility of errors over doing it all yourself. Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that, while vital, is also highly prone to error: data entry mistakes, miscalculations, and inadvertent missing of payment deadlines can lead to costly oversights whose corrections waste time and money. Outsourcing some of the financial management to a virtual bookkeeper can be an affordable alternative to doing it all yourself. Outsourcing the check printing, payment mailing, and paycheck processing can also lead to a more efficient, streamlined, error-free system, especially when using a service that syncs data automatically with other accounting and payroll software you are already using.

4. Gain organization

Hiring a virtual assistant or a virtual bookkeeper can help get your files and your books organized faster. Sloppy records and bookkeeping can cost a lot to clean up and can waste valuable time. Outsourcing some routine administrative, clerical, and bookkeeping tasks can give you back your hours while also making processes more streamlined and organized.

5. Reduce chances of burnout

Burnout continues to be a leading contributor to small business failure. Only half of small businesses survive past five years, and while financial mismanagement plays a big role, taking on too much by oneself can also lead to stress, fatigue, and overload. Business owners just starting out often have to take on all the roles at once, but there is only so much one person can do in a day. Outsourcing helps take work off your desk so that you also have time for a life. Rest, leisure, and vacations are important for keeping momentum, and you have more access to them when someone else is handling some of the work for you.

6. Save money

Businesses just getting started are often on tight budgets. While you may not have the resources for lots of new hires, outsourcing some work on a part-time or per-project basis can save money while still tapping into the specialty expertise of other professionals.

Online check printing and mailing can be handled for you

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