5 Ways to Make Checks Look More Professional

Dec 4, 2023
5 Ways to Make Checks Look More Professional

Checks are important financial instruments that millions of companies still use to issue B2B payments and customer rebates and refunds. While checks serve a vital monetary purpose, they can also communicate an overall level of professionalism in terms of their customization, design, and compatibility with other marketing materials used by the company. Consider five easy ways to enhance the professionalism of your business checks:

1.    Customize your checks

Standard bank checks don’t offer a lot of variation. They can be, in a word, dull. Just because bill paying is an important and serious task does not mean that it isn’t also an opportunity for branding your business and making it stand out. Checks you print on your own can be customized to offer the exact look that matches the vibe of your company. Creating your own design and layout allows you to add a level of professionalism to your checks while also making record-keeping easier. Checkeeper offers unlimited check printing design options so that whenever (or wherever) you need a professional business check, one can be specially designed and printed on demand.

2.    Print on high-quality check stock

A unique feature that Checkeeper offers is the ability to create a check on plain blank paper when that is all that’s available. This is extremely convenient for those times you may be traveling or out of supplies and need a check instantly. But for a truly professional look, high-quality check stock offers a higher level of credibility and competence than ordinary paper can offer. Checkeeper can print on any check stock you prefer, including check-on-top, -middle, or -bottom.

Checks are important financial documents that can work compatibly with your other marketing materials to increase brand awareness and recognition. When you print your own checks through Checkeeper, you can easily upload your color logo onto every check you create so that your company’s logo becomes a recognized image to the various people your business routinely pays, including suppliers, employees, contractors, and other business affiliates. Have hundreds or thousands of checks to issue at once for customer rebates or refunds? Take advantage of the branding opportunity by having your company’s color logo on each check so that customers receiving your money have an opportunity to connect your logo to the payment.

4.    Add bookkeeping elements

Only online check printing offers the opportunity to add, adjust, rename, or move around check fields so that they match your record-keeping needs. The Checkeeper template enables to you format your check to suit your needs and add check elements, like customer IDs or invoice numbers, if desired. You can also add attachments, invoice tables, pay stubs, benefits explanations, or other enclosures so that payments are more efficient, more professional, and more easily documented and recorded.

5.    Have checks professionally printed and mailed

Checkeeper offers simplified check printing so that you can print needed checks on demand from any home or office printer. However, if you need to issue a lot of checks, printing each one may require more time and supplies than you care to invest. Checkeeper offers complete check printing and mailing services so that your professional business payments can be issued and mailed promptly. Design your checks to suit your preferences, and have Checkeeper handle the printing and mailing for you. Checks are printed in the MICR ink that bank computers recognize and are mailed in secure #10 double-window business envelopes for a completely professional look. Checks ordered before 4pm EST will be in the mail same day and sent according to the priority mailing option of your choice.

Checkeeper enhances professionalism of printed checks

Checkeeper offers affordable, convenient check printing and mailing options to thousands of businesses nationwide. Universally-accessible, mobile-optimized, and cloud-based, online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper affords instant access to professional business checks that can be as unique as the company who issues them. Checkeeper’s online check printing and mailing offers custom solutions for creating and issuing checks that meet the highest level of professionalism.