5 Ways Checkeeper Keeps You in Control

Nov 20, 2023
5 Ways Checkeeper Keeps You in Control

Staying in control of your business’s finances is essential in order to maintain a continuous cash flow, budget accurately, and prevent fraud. For those times a paper check is needed or preferred, Checkeeper offers a secure, simple-to-use platform that gives you as much financial control as possible. Checkeeper is specifically designed to keep business owners in control of their finances every time a check payment is needed.

1.      Manage your own money

Checkeeper allows you to design and format your checks according to your preference, but it does not touch your funds. Be cautious of online check printing services that want to move your money into a separately-held account or transact your funds between third parties. Checkeeper's easy-to-use check design platform allows you to print your checking account information in the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize so that you can create your own legally-viable checks for your business. Does your business manage multiple accounts for different types of expenses? There is no limit to the number of checking accounts you can link to your single Checkeeper account: change the routing and account numbers (and bank info) as often as needed.

2.      Authorize user permissions

For more efficient workflow, use Checkeeper to delegate some of the bookkeeping work. If there are other members of your team that need to access the funds and issue payments, your Checkeeper account can be set up to allow (and limit) additional users. Working with a bookkeeper? Most bookkeepers are already familiar with the benefits of online check printing. Your Checkeeper account can be adjusted to allow your bookkeeper access so that she or he can issue timely payments and/or paychecks on your company’s behalf.

3.      Choose your mailing speed

Need a payment out immediately, or would you prefer to hold onto the money for a little longer? Have one check, or one thousand? Checkeeper offers priority mailing speeds that allow you to decide how quickly your check payments need to be delivered. Urgent payments that are very large or time-sensitive can be printed and in the mail within the business day and delivered by UPS Next Day Air with a tracking number that keeps you informed of the timing and chain of custody. For more routine payments that can take a few days to arrive, standard US mail service (with or without tracking options) is at your disposal, as well – and anything in between. Need a lot of checks printed and mailed back to your office for disbursement on site? Checkeeper can bundle your checks into one batch to cut down on your mailing costs and make printing payroll or other high-volume check orders a simple, streamlined process.

4.      Customize your check

Handwritten checks do not convey the professionalism of custom printed checks. And regular bank checks that do not have your company’s logo miss out on branding opportunities every time you issue a payment. Online check printing gives you ultimate control over how your checks appear: use any design or check stock style you like; upload your color logo; add extra check elements pertinent to your business bookkeeping; add attachments, enclosures, or promotional material with every check mailing. Online check printing allows you to make your checks as unique as your business for more effective brand awareness.

5.      Set your own terms

Unlike other programs that try to lock you in for a designated contract period, Checkeeper is completely flexible. Try it for free, and then sign on for a month-to-month service that can be canceled anytime: no contract, commitment, investment, or risk. There is nothing to download, update, or maintain, and since Checkeeper is cloud-based, no investment in special equipment, servers, or devices needed. Access your account on any device you have, and print checks on any printer you own—or have Checkeeper print checks for you—and have all check details automatically recorded and stored for you in your online account ledger. Sync the data with other accounting and payroll applications, or use Checkeeper as a stand-alone service for all your check printing and mailing needs. Use Checkeeper for a short time to cover you in an emergency, or use it long-term, always maintaining control and knowing that you are never locked in.