5 Warning Signs to Look Out for When Choosing an Online Check Printing Service

Jun 23, 2023
5 Warning Signs to Look Out for When Choosing an Online Check Printing Service

Online check printing has made life easier for hundreds of thousands of users, from small business owners, to solopreneurs, to busy individuals. It is the ideal solution for tech-challenged freelancers as well as the tech-savviest entrepreneurs and innovators. It can be a permanent alternative to the old-fashioned paper-and-pen checkbook, or it can be used as a temporary stop-gap when regular payment processing systems have suffered a security breach, outage, or discontinuation. It integrates with all the widely-used accounting and payroll platforms, or it can work as a stand-alone for running payroll and writing payment checks to suppliers and employees. While there are many benefits of being able to print your own checks (or have them printed for you and mailed same-day), not all services are the same.

High levels of security, reliability, and customer service are essential for maintaining on-time, accurate check payments. If you’re in the market for an online check provider, be wary of red flags that let you know early on a service is poorly designed and ill-suited to consumer needs. Five of the biggest red flags to avoid:

5 things online check printing should never be:

1.    Limited

Some online check providers place limits on how many checks you can print per day, week, or month; some place limitations on how many accounts you can link or how many templates you can use for the same price. Checkeeper does none of that. Unlock all the features of unlimited check printing with one, fixed-price account. Need same-day mailing services or document attachments? Online check printing with Checkeeper offers a wide variety of features you can’t find just anywhere. Checkeeper pushes the limits of what traditional check printing and mailing has traditionally been.

2.    Complicated

Software that requires downloading only works on selected devices and typically requires maintenance and updating to keep working over the long term. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based software through which all the IT maintenance and security updates are handled for you. No downloads, no IT expertise, no special equipment required. Use any printer and toner you already own on any check stock you already bought with any background you like with the logo and signature you choose to upload. Your Checkeeper account travels with you and can be accessed through a laptop, tablet, or smart phone from anywhere you can get a connection. Video tutorials are readily available to walk you through each feature; an easily-navigable website and good customer support ensure that you can master the art of online check printing in very little time.

3.    Intrusive

Be leery of programs that want to go into your checking account in order to process your checks or want you to open an account with them in order for you to transact money to others. Checkeeper does not touch your funds in any way. Your account is your own; Checkeeper simply lets you create a check template for those clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, vendors, and employees you need to pay. Need to change your bank account or link multiple ones? Checkeeper does not monitor your accounts—it only creates checks to suit your preferences while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security.

4.    Slow

One of the main benefits of online check printing is speed: learn the software fast, print checks fast, have them in the mail fast. If mastering the program and getting your checks designed and printed takes more than a few clicks, you are using the wrong service. Online check printing allows checks to be printed on demand, right from the convenience of your home or office. Don’t even have the time for that? Online check printing through Checkeeper can print out each of your checks for you and have them in the mail that day. Place a check order of any size by 4pm EST and your checks will be in the mail that same business day according to any priority mailing option you choose.

5.    Expensive

There is no dearth of services or products that are willing to take your money every month and give very little in return. Online check printing should save money, not waste it. Checkeeper users start with a free 14-day trial and then continue their service for one low monthly fee. All the features are included---no up-selling, tier pricing, long-term contracts, expensive add-ons, or surprise fees. No additional cost regardless of how many checks you print each month. One check or one-hundred checks: the same price for the service for as long as you want.

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