5 Signs That It’s Time to Use Online Check Mailing

Apr 2, 2024

Printing your own checks on demand with Checkeeper is a big time- and money-saver for thousands of companies. Online check printing software also adds convenience because it offers unlimited check printing, instant check editing, and automatic check recording from any home, office, client location, or remote spot where you happen to be working. If you haven’t yet tried online check mailing services, as well, consider five occasions that tell you it’s time to start:

It’s time to switch to online check mailing through Checkeeper when:

1.   A large amount of checks are needed quickly for customer rebates

Lots of consumers take advantage of rebate offers, but no one likes to wait too long for the savings. Rebate programs—and the companies behind them—will inevitably develop a poor reputation if the forms are too long, too convoluted, require too much documentation, or are never actually processed and paid out. If you want to run a rebate program but don’t have the software and processing infrastructure to handle such a large amount of check payments to customers, Checkeeper is the answer. Checkeeper can print and mail for you any volume of needed checks. Upload a CSV file or spreadsheet with relevant payee and address information into the template, and Checkeeper will automatically populate the necessary check and mailing fields with all the needed information. Checkeeper can have your needed rebate checks in the mail promptly according to the mailing speed of your choice. Checkeeper can do the same for customer refund checks or reimbursements, as well. A call or email can get you a custom quote and time frame.

2.   You’re outsourcing check payments to an offsite bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are very familiar with automating tools for financial management, and many professional bookkeepers rely on online check printing for a fast, accurate way to manage check payments for many clients at once. Rather than having your bookkeeper store your preferred check stock and other business-specific supplies, give him or her access to your Checkeeper account, where checks can be ordered, printed, and mailed within the day—no printing or mailing supplies needed. A complete check history is automatically stored so that you and your bookkeeper can access a comprehensive list of check payments at any time.

3.   You need to travel for business

Online check printing goes where you do, and Checkeeper can be accessed by any device you use. But does your printer and all your mailing supplies have to travel, too? When you’re out of town, on the road, at a hotel, or working from a remote location, you may not have ready access to office supplies. That’s not a problem if you order your checks printed and mailed through Checkeeper.

4.   You are transitioning locations

Whether you’re moving because you need a bigger space to expand, or because you need a smaller space for downsizing, changing contact information on your business materials is a time- and expense-consuming inconvenience. While it is important to have updated contact info on your business checks for your clients and vendors, ordering whole new books of checks with new data takes time and wastes the money spent on boxes of unusable checks. Checkeeper enables you to change your contact info immediately, and as many times as you need. If you’re temporarily in between locations and don’t have handy access to all your office supplies, you can order your checks to be printed and mailed on your behalf. Are you considering opening multiple stores or offices for your business? Each check created through Checkeeper is print-and-mail on demand, so address and bank account information can be changed quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to go back and forth between an unlimited number of saved check templates, based on the contact information that suits your needs.

5.   You want that extra level of professionalism

If your business is a side job or a small start-up, you may be accustomed to using the personal checks you have available for quick payments. However, personal checks do not convey the same level of professionalism as customized business checks that are printed on high-quality stock with color logo. Make your business stand out by outsourcing the check printing and mailing to Checkeeper and letting the professionals handle the work. Checks processed at the Checkeeper facility are printed with MICR ink for added security and sent to designated recipients in a #10 double-window business envelope to convey optimal professionalism, no matter how small or new the business. Check orders placed before 4pm EST can be in the mail that day according the mailing speed and tracking option of your choice.

Checkeeper mails your checks for little more than the cost of a stamp and envelope

It's never the wrong time to use Checkeeper print and mail check services for optimal time and cost savings. High-volume orders, payroll checks, and routine bill payments can all be printed and sent for you, with no supplies needed except a device and an account.