Online Tools to Reduce Paper Waste Around the Office

Nov 21, 2023

While it’s challenging to create a truly paper-free environment, businesses have made great strides over the last decade to dramatically reduce paper reliance—in particular, paper waste. Eco-friendly adoptions around the office reduce paper consumption and often add efficiency to document storage and transmission. Even for those times when paper must be used, there are simple steps a business can take to reduce the overall amount of paper that is wasted. For a more efficient and less wasteful system, some small changes can be adopted, and with minimal disruption to workflow.

Cloud tools for receipt and document storage

Some important documents, tax returns, contracts, and statements may need to be filed as hard copies, but for saving and accessing many routine items, online cloud storage can help free up office space and reduce paper consumption. Many online accounting and payment platforms enable digital storing of receipts and statements so that they can be saved, shared, retrieved, analyzed, and synced with other financial documentation. Instead of making multiple copies of papers for several people to access, cloud storage makes scanned versions accessible to multiple authorized users, regardless of where or when they work, and can be shared with bookkeepers, accountants, and tax professionals when needed.

Online accounting and payroll software to reduce paperwork

Cloud-based services add the automating efficiency to financial management while also reducing the amount of paper that is required. Online accounting and payroll tools for businesses can handle electronically a lot of financial management tasks, like invoicing, payroll, and expense tracking so that less paper is required. Using programs that integrate with each other reduces the number of printouts needed by allowing online bookkeeping elements to communicate directly with one another and also by allowing multiple people access to the same stored data simultaneously.

Online check printing and mailing reduces paper waste

Despite the many e-payment options available, there are still many times when a paper check is the preferred method of issuing payment. And while many online tools for businesses have helped simplify and streamline the bookkeeping, not all come with comprehensive check printing features. For those times when a paper check is needed, online check printing and mailing can be a helpful digital tool that reduces the amount of paperwork traditional check-writing used to require.

Convert bills to checks

Online check printing through Checkeeper enables users with bills stored in Xero or Odoo to convert their bills directly into check payments with just a few clicks. Bills due to the same recipient will have their totals automatically bundled so that one check covers it all. Invoice tables are attached to break down pertinent totals so that the least amount of paperwork is required.

Keep an online check registry

Gone are the days of manual entry into thick check registries and bulky financial ledgers. All Checkeeper accounts come with a secure, online registry that automatically records for you all the check transaction details of every check created, including date, check number, payee, amount, and memo. Your online check registry can be searched by any check element, and can be exported according to any date range when you want to go over expenses, track a disputed payment, or prepare tax filings.  Your online check registry can be downloaded at any time with a complete check history that you can transmit electronically to your accountant when it’s time to close the books for the year.

Use Checkeeper printing equipment

Working from a small or limited space, or don’t want to invest in a printer, paper, and storage for supplies? Checkeeper prints and mails checks all day long and can handle all your check printing and mailing needs so that you don’t have to buy any paper, printer toner, envelopes, or stamps. How’s that for paper reduction around your office? Outsource your check printing and mailing to Checkeeper and have your bills, paychecks, and customer rebates and refunds printed and mailed for you within a single business day of ordering. You can still design and customize your checks however your like; an internet-ready device is the only supply you need.

Online check printing and mailing is a helpful tool for streamlining the financial management and for enabling more simplified payments with less paperwork and less paper waste.