7 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Office Space

Sep 28, 2022
7 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Office Space

As office work environments continue to adapt to the ever-evolving needs and preferences of workers, a lot of attention has focused on office downsizing; many small business owners have transitioned their businesses into smaller spaces, either to cut costs during inflation or because more employees have gone remote. But despite the trend toward downsizing office environments for more flexible and cost-friendly spaces, there are still many businesses that are experiencing growth and are beginning to feel the need for more space, not less.

Moving offices, for any reason, is a costly undertaking and often a big hassle, so no business owner wants to do it hastily; an owner considering a move should first weigh all the factors, including cost implications, impact on employee commutes, time needed to scout new locations, and the time and tools needed to notify vendors and clients promptly so that business is not disrupted.

Wondering if the business has outgrown the office? Seven signs a bigger space is needed:

1. Storage is maxed out

Cabinets, drawers, closets and filing cabinets that are full (or overflowing) are sure indications that space has gotten too tight. Cloud storage options have helped businesses of all sizes transition away from storing a lot of paper documents and receipts in favor of online storage and retrieval that offer better organization and more immediate access for employees. If moving documents to into cloud storage does not free up enough space, it may be time to find a bigger place.

2. People and furniture are always in each other’s way

The ideal office space has enough room to not only station every person, but allow for optimal mobility, too. When people feel cornered or constrained to their desk space, both morale and productivity suffer. If the office feels cluttered with a lot of desks, equipment, and supplies to the point that people can’t move around freely, a bigger space is in order.

3. Not enough parking

Commuting is one of the most dreaded aspects of office work and a big reason why many remote workers are reluctant to return to the office. Convenient and available parking for all who need it is a must-have so that employees don’t begin their day irritated and inconvenienced.

4. No break rooms

Having a place where employees can enjoy a snack or downtime is important for keeping energy and morale high. If there is no longer room for an employee break room—or if it is so small and uncomfortable that people avoid it—a bigger office space that can offer lounge and food areas is probably needed.

5. Your staff is complaining

The surest indicator that the business has outgrown the space comes directly from the people who work there. Employees need a productive—and sometimes, quiet—environment to work efficiently. Asking employees for input about the space and alternatives to it ensures that any new space has features that address workers’ biggest concerns.

6. You want to hire people but don’t know where to put them

Growing businesses are likely to add more employees to the payroll, and lack of space should never be the reason you can’t staff your business properly. Choosing a space that is even a little bigger than currently needed ensures that you can continue to add employees in the future without having to move again.

7. Sharing equipment is slowing down productivity

Sharing office equipment is a great way to keep costs down on expensive items that only get used by a few people a few times each day. But when too many people have to depend on a single copier, printer, or specialty device, lines form and cause delays that slow down productivity for everyone. Lack of space should not be the reason to keep a growing business from investing in needed equipment. If certain devices are needed for maximum productivity and profit for your business, seek out a larger space that can accommodate the demand.

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