Your account is not authorized to purchase mailing credits if...

Alejandra Tamayo
Oct 7, 2021

written by Tyler Atkinson

You're Brand New to Checkeeper

Oh hey! We're happy to have you here. However, there is a 24-hour processing period which must pass before you can begin using features like Checkeeper Mail and add-ons. Once you create a Checkeeper account, hang in there for a day, and then you'll be able to purchase all the credits you want. In the meantime, feel free to create however many checks you need and add them to your registry.

There Aren't Any Checks in Your Registry

For security purposes, you must have at least one check in your registry before you can purchase fulfillment credits. To add a check to your registry, click the blue "Create A Check" button and enter your check information. You can also click here for a more in depth guide to creating your check.

To read more about how to get started with Checkeeper Mail and other resources, head over to our blog.