Online Check Printing for New Workspaces

Apr 30, 2024
Online Check Printing for New Workspaces

When your working situation requires a change in environment, you’ll be glad to have mobile, cloud-based tools that can go where you do and can adjust to just about any kind of workspace. Online check printing through Checkeeper is ideal for those who find themselves in need of a new space. Checkeeper travels with business owners and entrepreneurs who need to:

Get a bigger space

Business is growing—good news! A bigger space to accommodate a growing staff and increased inventory does not necessarily have to mean a hefty investment in a lot of new technology. Online, cloud tools for business and financial management are not relegated to any specific device, computer, printer, or in-house server, and they can therefore be shared by as many authorized users, on as many available devices, as you deem necessary. Checkeeper enables multiple user access from any internet-ready device or mobile phone, and your account can be easily shared and adapted to new working environments.

Work from home

The pandemic introduced a lot of people to the benefits of remote work, and not everyone has chosen to give those benefits up. If your work is something you can do from home—even part-time—then you’ll be glad for the convenience and portability that Checkeeper offers. You can keep bill payments and paychecks up-to-date, regardless of where or when you work when you print and mail checks through Checkeeper. Instead of carrying checkbooks and registries back and forth between office and home, print checks right from your device whenever you need them. Checkeeper works with any printer you have handy, or Checkeeper can print and mail your checks for you when your home work space lacks the supplies needed.


Many small businesses have appreciated the cost-saving decision to downsize the office space, especially when some employees can work remotely. Downsizing a large office can save money on not only the rent, but also utilities, insurance, and daily operating supplies. But less space also means less room for office equipment, furniture, and storage cabinets. Fortunately, Checkeeper is a friend to business spaces of all sizes. Your device is all you need to access your Checkeeper account, and you can print legally-viable checks instantly using any printer you have handy. If you don’t have regular access to a printer, or if your check volume has exhausted what a single printer can handle, Checkeeper can print and mail checks for you. No special equipment, printers, or supplies needed to have your business checks in the mail by the end of the day.

Open multiple locations

When your business requires you to operate from multiple stores or offices, you will likely have bookkeeping tasks that need to be shared among various people at various locations, and they cannot all access the same physical checkbooks and registries at once. Checkeeper’s user permissions enables you to authorize multiple people to issue payments online from various locations simultaneously. All check details are automatically recorded in real time in the online registry for all authorized users to access and share. Online check printing and mailing streamlines the financial management for companies that have books to manage for different locations.

Work during a transition

If you are in the process of moving—either to expand or to downsize—you may have to work for a few months in a transitional space. This can cause disruptions to the payment system if any of the following apply:

·       Your printing equipment and financial ledgers are in storage

·       The address listed on your checks is outdated

·       Your move requires you to change banks and account numbers

·       You haven’t secured your future location yet

·       You are still waiting for bank checks to arrive and need ready-to-use checks in the interim

Checkeeper minimizes the payment disruptions during office moves and transitions

Checkeeper is ideal for these times because it enables you to continue issuing on-time payments without interruption, even without a permanent office. Just because your workspace is transitional does not mean that your check payments need to be disrupted. Upload your color logo onto the check stock of your choice, and print the contact and bank information that applies to your current situation. You can change your address, bank information, and routing and account numbers as often as you need right from within your check template. And when access to printers and supplies is limited during the moving process, Checkeeper can help you out with unlimited check printing and mailing so that no payment is delayed or missed.