Online Check Printing for Hybrid Working Arrangements

Apr 24, 2024
Online Check Printing for Hybrid Working Arrangements

While many people who pivoted to remote work during the pandemic have preferred to remain fully remote, new reports show that hybrid work arrangements are actually becoming more popular with workers than either of the opposing options of all in-person or all-remote working. Hybrid working arrangements combine the benefits of onsite office collaboration with some of the location and scheduling flexibility that virtual work allows. For a lot of employees, hybrid work offers the best of both. Employers, too, who want employees to return to the office more often see hybrid working as a potential compromise to please employees while still encouraging in-office work and collegiality.

Online check printing and mailing assists financial management for offices and businesses of all types, and it can be an asset to hybrid arrangements because of the versatility and universal access it offers. If you have a hybrid working arrangement—or if you own a business that employees hybrid workers—consider adding Checkeeper to your digital business tools to keep bills and expense payments up to date.

Checkeeper check printing and mailing is ideal for hybrid workers because:

Checkeeper travels easily

Checkeeper’s online check printing template is not relegated to a single device or office; cloud-based and mobile-optimized, Checkeeper can be accessed by authorized users on any device they have, using any printer that is available, anywhere they can get an internet connection. Move easily back and forth between your home, office, vehicle, and various client locations without ever having to delay or miss an important payment.

Checkeeper will print and mail payments for you

Hybrid workers move around during the workweek, which often makes consistent bookkeeping an inconvenient responsibility. Rather than neglecting the books or leaving payments to the last minute, have Checkeeper print and send out your needed payments so that they can be in the mail within the day. When your hybrid work takes you out of the office—and away from printers and mailing supplies—Checkeeper can take over the work.

Checkeeper can accommodate delegation

Hybrid workers that spend some working days at home may have to delegate the routine office, administrative, clerical, and bookkeeping work to others who are on site. Checkeeper can authorize multiple account users and accommodate the approval and workflow systems your office has in place. Share your Checkeeper access with as many employees or bookkeepers as needed, and have all check data saved and recorded automatically for real-time sharing of account information. Instead of relying on physical check books and registries that have to be shared by people who are working from various locations, adopt an online system that gives everyone immediate, universal access when they need it.

Checkeeper automates the check registry

Improve security and accountability through an automated check registry that never forgets to record a transaction. While traditional bookkeeping methods are prone to error, online recording enhances accuracy because it records and stores details of every check created and the user who initiated the payment. The online registry is searchable by any check field and can be printed or downloaded in part or full whenever needed to research a payment, dispute an amount, reconcile accounts, or prepare for tax time.

Not all office jobs can be done remotely, but for those roles that don’t require full-time, in-person work, hybrid arrangements can offer an ideal compromise. Checkeeper has been the go-to tool for businesses of all sizes and types because it offers a fully-customizable way to get business checks printed and mailed from anywhere. There are no hidden fees, add-ons, or pricey software updates to manage. Checkeeper is preferred by business owners because it can be tried for free, adopted for as long or short a term as needed, and canceled anytime.