Online Check Printing for Home Service Businesses

Aug 30, 2023
Online Check Printing for Home Service Businesses

Home service businesses are on the rise. Services that creative, handy, industrious people can offer customers in their homes are growing as home ownership rises and as more people choose to forego the typical 40-hour work week for more flexible schedules and creative passions and pursuits. Some popular home service businesses in demand:

Interior design

Home repairs

House cleaning

Landscape design

Renovation and remodeling

Pressure washing

House painting

Driveway sealing and repair

Gutter cleaning and maintenance

Pest control

Home inspection

Entrepreneurs in home service industries gain a lot of flexibility in their schedules, but they also have to learn to be flexible about the environments in which they work because those environments are always in flux. People who work primarily in other people’s homes may not have dedicated space for a lot of the typical back-office bookkeeping and clerical work. Yet bills must be paid, supplies must be repurchased, invoices must be sent, assistants must be compensated, and cash flow must be monitored, or else the business cannot survive long. Considering how competitive the market is for home services—with new competitors cropping up daily—financial management cannot become an afterthought or item of neglect if a business is to succeed and grow.

Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper offers valuable financial management resources for people whose work takes them in and out of client homes all day.

Working from home, but not yours? Checkeeper helps entrepreneurs in the home-service sector keep bills paid and records up-to-date for better account and cash flow management.

Online check printing and mailing through Checkeeper enables you to:

Work from anywhere

When you spend most of your day in client homes, you must learn to take care of some routine, daily administrative work without an office or the usual office equipment. Online check printing and mailing is ideal for those times when a payment must be issued but no supplies are on hand. With a Checkeeper account, you can order a customized business check to be printed and mailed on your behalf so that not a single supply is needed—not even a checkbook or pen. Checkeeper is mobile-optimized and cloud-based, so you can work from anywhere: a client’s home, your own home, or even right out of your truck.

Have payments mailed for you

Printing your own checks saves a lot of time and expense over ordering pricey business checks from the bank. But for greater time efficiency and cost savings, have Checkeeper print and mail checks directly to your suppliers. Four priority mailing speeds (with accompanying tracking options) are available so that you can send your check payments with confidence and security. Need a high volume of checks back in your own hands first? Checkeeper can print an unlimited number of checks for you and mail them directly back to you in one bundle within a single business day. No printers, supplies, or supply storage cabinets needed on your end.

Add your business logo to your checks

While it is advisable to have a designated checking account for your business, many solopreneurs just starting out use their personal account for business expenses until the company becomes established. If you use a personal account for certain business expenses or purchases, you can still professionalize the checks by adding your custom business logo to only those checks that serve business purposes. Checkeeper’s layout editor allows you to format your checks to suit your business needs with uploaded logos and backgrounds so that they are distinct from personal checks.

Keep organized records

When it is time to prepare for tax filings, you’ll be grateful for organized records that show a history of payments made for business expenses. Checkeeper accounts come with a secure online registry that automatically records a complete check history—with every check detail—and that registry can be searched by any check element: payee, date, amount, or memo. When it’s time to close the books for the year, you can export a complete history of check payments for that year—or any time frame—so that you can track your expenses and identify potentially eligible tax deductions.

Add attachments and make modifications to your checks

Many business checks for home service businesses travel with documentation. Checkeeper enables you to easily attach invoice tables, pay stubs, and other documents with which you want your checks mailed. Want to send promotional material for your business with every check? Upload the promotion and have it included with the mailing. You can also add to your checks additional line items, like customer ID or invoice numbers, if they are necessary for your bookkeeping records.

Save time and money with online check printing and mailing for those times when a paper check is needed. The streamlined bookkeeping and the reduced IT stress provided by online financial services make Checkeeper worth the 14-day free trial for any home-service business owner, manager, or bookkeeper.