On-demand Services Offered by Checkeeper

May 6, 2024
On-demand Services Offered by Checkeeper

Only online check printing can offer business owners fully-customized, professional checks on demand. When you need a business check instantly and don’t have time to order and wait for bank checks, online check printing is the answer. If you are changing locations, opening additional ones, or doing your bookkeeping from afar, online check printing eliminates the wasted time (and wasted, outdated checks).

Checkeeper offers on-demand check printing and mailing services. Consider some services Checkeeper can offer on demand when you need to issue a fast payment.

On demand, Checkeeper users can:

Access the registry

Need to research a payment? Export an expense list? Reconcile your issued checks with your bank statements and other charges? Checkeeper makes it simple and instant. Instead of having to track down physical registries and ledgers or wait to access them from your office, Checkeeper offers a secure online registry that automatically records and stores all check details for on-demand searching and retrieving. Need to share some or all of your check registry with your bookkeeper or accountant? Authorize their access to your Checkeeper account from afar, or download a complete list yourself to send to them, with no time wasted or lost. The online Checkeeper registry is searchable by any check field—including the memo—so that you can instantly trace any payment in question.

Staying up to date on your payments is vital for maintaining good relationships with suppliers and creditors, and it’s necessary for avoiding late payment penalties and potential interest charges. For those times when a paper check is needed quickly, Checkeeper is the go-to solution. Print as many checks as needed, when needed—and all from the convenience of your office, home, or travel location. Checkeeper puts no limits on the number of checks you can print each month or the number bank accounts you can link.

Edit the check template

The check you designed last year may no longer suit your needs and preferences this year. If you changed your logo, changed banks, opened additional accounts, moved, or updated your marketing, your checks may need updating, too. The Checkeeper template editor was designed with this in mind. Design and re-design your checks as often as you need without ever having to order new checkbooks or discard old ones. If you need different checks for different purposes, create multiple check templates and save them all in your account. Go back and forth between different check designs and layouts and print only the checks you need at the moment.

Order checks for mailing

Printing your own business checks on demand from your office is fast and convenient. For even greater speed and convenience, have Checkeeper print and mail checks for you. When you need a payment sent out right away but you are not near your printer or you are out of the needed supplies, Checkeeper can print and mail your check payment for you. Order needed business checks through your Checkeeper account, and they can be in the mail at the delivery speed of your choice before the end of the business day. Checks ordered before 4pm EST can be in the mail same-day, and Checkeeper offers four priority mailing options to choose from: a necessity for those times you need overnight or second-day delivery or tracking options for time-sensitive payments.

Cloud tools simplify financial management

Busy entrepreneurs today do a lot of work on-the-go, and they are used to cloud-based, mobile tools that provide on-demand access and service. Checkeeper makes a great addition to other financial management tools for small businesses, bookkeepers, and individuals because it offers on-demand access to all of its features, including unlimited check printing and mailing. A call or email can get you a custom quote and solution for a high-volume order; a 14-day trial can get you started creating, printing, and mailing checks, without cost, risk, or commitment.