On-demand Check Editing Means No More Outdated Checks

Mar 26, 2024
On-demand Check Editing Means No More Outdated Checks

A unique advantage online check printing has over traditional check writing is the ability to make unlimited, on-demand edits to your personal and professional checks. If you’ve never tried online check printing before or are new to the service, consider some times when on-demand check editing and updating are essential:

You want to update your checks immediately if:

You’re moving

If you’re changing your business address, you will likely want to update your checks with the new information so that suppliers, customers, employees, and other people you pay have your up-to-date contact information. Instead of waiting for (and paying for) updated checks—and wasting books of old ones—use Checkeeper’s on-demand check-editing options to get your contact information changed immediately. Move as often as you like without ever needing to order new checks for each address.

You recently changed banks

You have to order new checks each time you move your funds to a new bank—unless you print your checks through Checkeeper. Checkeeper does not touch your money or move it from your account into a separate fund, so it does not matter how often you change banks. You can update the bank information, as well as account and routing numbers, before you print your check. Account and routing numbers are automatically formatted in the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize, and they appear exactly as you input them.

Checks are financial tools, but they are also marketing aids that can work compatibly with other marketing material your company sends out. Make the most of brand reinforcement opportunities by placing your customized, color business logo on every check. Starting a new business, or changing your logo? Checkeeper allows simple uploading of logos and designs that can be placed on as many checks as needed, and updated as many times as desired.

You need different design features for different checks

While it is advisable to use separate bank accounts for professional and personal uses, many solopreneurs and side-business owners blend their funds until a dedicated business account is opened. Online check printing allows you to create and store multiple check templates at once for you to choose among when you need different checks for different purposes. You can also add check elements to certain checks based on your bookkeeping needs. If a specific check needs a customer ID field, for instance, or a line for an invoice number, online check printing offers the capability to add those elements on an as-need basis, and then remove them when no longer needed. Pre-printed bank checks cannot offer the same versatility.

You write checks from more than one checking account

You need different checks for each checking account from which you draw funds—unless you are a Checkeeper. Checkeeper users have access to an unlimited number of checks and check layouts, regardless of how many checking accounts they use. Edit the bank, account, and routing information as needed through on-demand check editing, and print checks from multiple accounts simultaneously. One Checkeeper account does it all.

Checkeeper offers instant editing capabilities for your checks so that they are never outdated or incorrect

Checkeeper offers on-demand editing and updating capabilities that allow users to adapt checks to suit their needs. Change your contact info, bank info, account numbers, logos, backgrounds, and added check elements as often as you need for no added fees or subscription changes. Add attachments, as well, including invoice tables, benefits explanations, pay stubs for employees, and promotional enclosures to clients and vendors. For greater time and money savings, have Checkeeper print and mail checks for you—using the exact templates and design elements you’ve selected. Needed checks can be in the mail within the business day, appearing exactly as you’ve designed them—as though you printed and mailed them yourself.