Mail Checks Anywhere with Checkeeper

Erin Moffatt
May 1, 2020
Mail Checks Anywhere with Checkeeper

This post will guide you through setting up your check fulfillment with Checkeeper in 5 simple steps.

Using the optional check fulfillment service lets Checkeeper print and mail the checks for you, effectively making check writing a single click process. It's a fast, low-cost, custom solution for any order size. Talk about fast, easy and painless.

Step 1: Login to your Checkeeper account.

Boom, step one, done. This is going to be easy.

Step 2: Enable fulfillment services.

Go to the "Account" tab and under the "Fulfillment Services" section in the bottom right column and click the "Enable Fulfillment Services" button.

Step 3: Add your bank information.

You can now add your bank information after enabling fulfillment services. This includes your routing number, account number, and signature. Enter your information, then save changes to go back to the account page.

Step 4: Purchase credits to print.

Above where you added your bank information, click the "Purchase Credits". You need credits in order to print your checks. One credit equals one printed, stamped, and mailed check.

Step 5: Print your checks.

Drum roll's time to print! Go to the "Registry" tab to create and print your checks. There are two easy ways to order your checks.

1. Click on the check. By clicking on your check, you are to view your check and click the "Mail Check Now" button. Make sure your check has all the correct information filled out and looks how you want. If everything is good to go, click the "Yes mail it now" button. There you go! Your check is printing.

2. Choose the checks you want by checking the boxes. Click the down arrow and select "Mail". You are able to review your check(s). Then click "Mail Now" to complete your order.

After fulfilling your checks, you can view the status of your check. Click on your check in the registry and you will see if the check is: pending, printing, or mailed.