How to Get Started with Checkeeper

Erin Moffatt
May 1, 2020
How to Get Started with Checkeeper

Intro to creating your checks

You can create your checks in your Checkeeper account by using the template editor. In the template editor you are able to position the necessary elements on your check, then fill out your check information in the registry. Once you have created your checks you can print them or have us do it and mail them for you!

Now that you have an overview of how the check printing process works, let's break it down and dive into creating your checks!

How To Get Started with Checkeeper

Creating professional checks

Log in to your Checkeeper account and go over to the "Templates" tab at the top. Then select the default cityscape template. This is your template editor where you will edit your checks.

In your check template, make sure your business information is correct.

Next, you need to add a bank account. To do this, click and drag the bank account element from the right-hand side and drop it where you want on the check. Once you place the element, you will be prompted to fill in your routing and account number.

To change the appearance of your business information you can use the formatting tools at the top of the page.

Once everything on your check is how you want it to look, save and exit at the top right-hand corner.

Bringing your checks to life

Now you can print your checks by going to your "Registry" tab.

Click "Create New Check". The template you just edited will appear at the top in the "Check Template" menu. Fill out all your check information including payee, amount, check number, date, address, memo, and an other fields you have.

Click "Create Check" and the check will appear in your registry.

To print your new check, click on it in the registry, then select the "Print Check" button. You have the final chance to review your check. If all your information is correct, you are good to print!

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