How to Edit Your Bank Information

Jessica Sloan
Oct 17, 2022
How to Edit Your Bank Information

You most likely entered your account and routing number when you created your Checkeeper account. But if things have changed and you need to update those numbers, keep reading. There are two ways to do this. If you are printing your own checks, be sure to read the "Printing" section. If you are having Checkeeper print and mail your checks, scroll down to "Mailing".


Step One: Go Into the "Layouts" Tab

Once you're in Layouts, locate the check layout you are using and click Edit Layout.

Step Two: Delete Current Bank Account Element

Click on your routing and account number and then click the orange X to delete this element. If you do not already have this element on your check layout, skip to step three.

Step Three: Locate the "Bank Account" Element

Drag and drop it right onto your check layout.

Step Four: Enter Your Routing and Account Numbers

Now, you are finished!🎉  Just click Save & Exit!


Step One: Go Into the "Mail Settings" Tab

Here you will see your business details, bank information, and check signature.

Step Two: Scroll down to "Bank Information".

Step Three: Erase Current Routing and Account Numbers and Type in Your New Information

Step Four: Scroll Down and Click "Save Mail Settings"

Congrats, mission accomplished! 🥳