Digital Tools for a More Updated and Productive Work Space

Mar 22, 2024
Digital Tools for a More Updated and Productive Work Space

Anyone who works from a small office, a home office, or a shared space knows that a work area that is badly designed and arranged will impede productivity. Your work space may be in need of an overhaul if it can be described in these words:

·       Cramped

·       Disorganized

·       Cluttered

·       Outdated in its décor

·       Messy

·       Poorly lit

·       Crowded with large, bulky equipment and furniture

Making your space as productive and inspiring as possible can be more than just a décor update; digital tools that streamline workflow, reduce paper waste, and are not relegated to a specific computer or printer can give you more options for reconceiving and redesigning your space.

Get rid of old junk

Have you looked around at your equipment lately? Is it up-to-date? Does it meet your technology needs? Can faster, more efficient work be done on better or smaller or fewer devices? Many online software products that automate business processes can be accessed from any device that you work from, including your phone. Since they are not relegated to a specific computer, all the maintenance, security, updating, and troubleshooting are handled for you, and you can free yourself of a lot of cumbersome equipment that is crowding your office space needlessly, including large filing and storage cabinets for all the excess paperwork. Online applications reduce the amount of paper needed to complete routine tasks, and their data can be shared digitally and simultaneously, so fewer paper printouts are needed.

Move around

Millions of people are now working part-time or full-time from non-traditional working spaces. If your work allows you to change spaces during the day or week, digital tools can help you take advantage of the freedom and mobility. Working from home? Your cloud-based accounts go with you. Working from a truck or company vehicle for sales, deliveries, services, or client meetings? Mobile-optimized automating tools for businesses require very little equipment and can be accessed anywhere you can get a connection, including co-working spaces, cafes, public libraries, hotel rooms, and client homes or offices.

Online check printing goes where you do, with no special equipment or storage needs

While you’re ditching your outdated and cumbersome equipment and furniture for a more streamlined or mobile-friendly space, consider getting rid of the old-fashioned check book, registries, and paperwork as well, for a more modernized alternative to traditional check writing. Online check printing allows you to print customized business checks on any check stock you have (or plain paper), using any printer that is handy. The check templates and MICR-encoded font for account and routing numbers are automatically provided, so there is nothing for you to do except input the payment info and hit “print.”

For an even simpler and more streamlined way to pay bills, adopt online check mailing, as well, which allows your needed checks to be printed and mailed for you, with no supplies or equipment needed from you at all.

One Checkeeper account gives users 24/7 access to fully-customized check printing; upload your company logo and change your address and bank information as often as you need to without every ordering another bank check again. Checkeeper offers priority mailing options with same-business day check mailing so that you can have your payments out within the day. Checkeeper also offers high-volume check printing and mailing for those times you need to send out a large number of checks for customer refunds, reimbursements, or rebates.

Online check printing is a software tool that, like others, enables users to take full advantage of their professional mobility. It also allows users the freedom to downsize as needed and eliminate bulky, expensive equipment. Online check printing through Checkeeper is compatible with many other widely-used accounting, payment, and payroll products, and can be used as an add-on to those accounting software tools that don’t offer check printing and mailing features. Checkeeper offers streamlined financial management for those times a paper check is the preferred method of payment.