Customized Checks for the Holidays

Nov 17, 2023
Customized Checks for the Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us, and, as always, millions of gifts will travel through the mail to reach long-distance friends and family members before the year is out. Money is the gift that everyone loves, everyone can use, is appropriate for all ages, and never goes out of style. With so many different ways to give a monetary gift, consider personalized, festive checks as a secure, traceable, and universally-accepted way to share the holiday spirit when a financial gift is the preferred option.

Checks can be festive!

Only online check printing offers unlimited options for designing and customizing checks for the holiday. One Checkeeper account is all you need to access unlimited check printing features, including:

·       Print on any check stock or on blank paper

·       Upload festive images to personalize your checks

·       Select a background or add your own to make checks more decorative

·       Change easily the routing and account numbers if your gift checks need to come from a different account than the one you use for ordinary expenses

Safer to mail than cash

Mailing cash is risky and inadvisable because it can easily be lost or stolen with no accountability or tracing options. Checks can only be deposited or cashed by their intended recipient; they provide their own paper trail for both giver and recipient. If they do become misplaced, they can be canceled and reissued, making them a more secure option than cash or other unguaranteed payment forms.

Easier to redeem than gift cards

Gift cards are a popular option and often seen as a more jovial alternative to cash. However, they do come with their own drawbacks. Gift cards come with predetermined balances, many of which are never fully redeemed. Partial balances can sit on an unused card for months or years if the recipient forgets about it, loses the card, or the company goes out of business. In some cases, a small charge is incurred in order to continue maintaining an unused balance. In order to fully exhaust a gift card, many times the recipient must overspend on purchases to make sure the balance is depleted; this means having to put in one’s own money in order to access a gift—not an ideal situation for someone you are trying to show generosity toward. Checks come with none of those limitations. Once a check is deposited or cashed, the full amount is at the recipient’s disposal for immediate use or for long-term savings: their choice.

No hidden fees or activation charges

While debit cards are also a popular holiday gift, they usually come with activation fees, making them cost more than they are actually worth. Checks that you print from your Checkeeper account come with no extra fees. Print as many checks as you need, for any amount, and from as many linked accounts as you own without paying a single extra cent. One Checkeeper account unlocks unlimited features for unlimited checks.

Checks for holiday donations

Don’t forget that holiday giving includes charitable giving for thousands of families and organizations. Checks are still a great way to make charitable donations because they act as their own receipt, and because they do not incur hefty fees to access the money. While many of the larger charities can accept credit cards, the processing fees can cut into the overall donation amount. Checks remain one of the most widely-used ways to contribute to a holiday charity. Checks created through Checkeeper have all check details automatically stored in an online registry so that you have documentation at the year's end.

When making your holiday gift list this year, don’t forget that checks are still a popular and preferable way to give a monetary gift, especially if the gift has to travel through the mail. Checks can be traced and canceled, if needed, and once deposited, you know they are in use. Money is a gift for all ages and one you know is always appreciated. For those times when a holiday gift check is needed, Checkeeper offers unlimited design and customization options so that your gift is as personal and festive as the giver.