Your Checks May Be Blank on the Back. And That's Okay!

Tyler Atkinson
May 30, 2020
Your Checks May Be Blank on the Back. And That's Okay!

Here at Checkeeper, we offer practical templates for easy printing on plain copy paper. With our convenient template editor, you can incorporate features like banking information, signature, payee, address, check number, amount, date, and memo. You can even create your own custom elements and position them anywhere on the front of your check.

The backside of any Checkeeper template, however, is intentionally left blank. This is because elements like the endorsement line and the security screen are not essential for the validity of a check. Simply sign the end you would normally sign (that is, the end opposite of the signature line on the front of the check), and you're done!

We also understand some people just like things done a certain way. And that's cool, too! If you'd feel more comfortable incorporating an endorsement line on the back of all your checks, just download our back of check template, and you're good to go.

Pro-Tip: Save yourself time and frustration by printing a supply of  the backs of the back of check templates for future use!  

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