NetSuite Users Turn to Checkeeper for Custom Check Printing

Apr 3, 2024

Since AvidXchange announced the discontinuation of its check-printing feature, many NetSuite clients are now searching for a replacement product so that their professional, customized business checks can continue to be issued when needed. Checkeeper has been named as an alternative solution for NetSuite users who need custom check-printing options. Checkeeper offers fully-customizable check templates for business checks to be printed on demand, as well as complete check printing and mailing outsourcing options for those times a large volume of checks is needed.

NetSuite clients are adopting Checkeeper and discovering the unique features Checkeeper offers.

·       Checkeeper offers unlimited, on-demand check printing from unlimited linked checking accounts

There are no hidden fees, tiered plans, or service surcharges when you use Checkeeper. Print as many checks as needed, from as many bank accounts as needed, all for the same monthly price. Try it for free, and then cancel anytime without risk or commitment.

·       Checkeeper works on any device and with any printer

Design your checks using the same printer and check stock you were already using. Checkeeper is cloud-based, so there is nothing to download, maintain, or update, and no new equipment investment is required.

·       Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used accounting and payroll software products

Streamline your bookkeeping by using accounting, payroll, and payment programs that work together. Checkeeper integrates with QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Xero, Gusto, Square and other popular payroll and accounting software to create a seamless transition so that there is no disruption to the payment process. Connect Checkeeper to your payroll software to print paychecks for employees—with included pay stubs—or have Checkeeper do it for you and mail all paychecks back to your office overnight in one expedient bundle for onsite distribution.

·       Checkeeper can convert bills directly to check payments

Link your Checkeeper account to Xero or Odoo, and import unpaid invoices for direct conversion into check payments. Payments to the same vendor can be automatically consolidated into one check payment with an attached invoice table for more accurate, streamlined bookkeeping.

·       Checkeeper offers priority check mailing options with tracking

When you’re low on supplies, time, or manpower, have Checkeeper print and mail your checks for you. Checkeeper offers four priority mailing methods—3 with tracking options—so that you can choose the delivery speed that best suits your needs. Have a large order of checks for customer rebates or refunds? Have a large payroll that needs immediate processing? Have remote freelancers that live all over the country that need to have individually-mailed checks? Checkeeper can do it all for you without a single stamp or trip to the post office ever required from you.

·       Checkeeper automatically records in an online registry a complete history of checks created

Each Checkeeper account comes with a secure, online registry that automatically records the details of every check created. Need to review the check registry for reconciliation, or export your check history at tax time? Need to find a specific payment but not sure of all the details? The Checkeeper registry can be easily searched according to any check element or downloaded in full so that no check payment ever goes overlooked or unrecorded.

·       Checkeeper can be accessed remotely from anywhere by multiple authorized users or bookkeepers

Checkeeper offers user permission settings so that business owners can authorize and/or limit the amount of access employees and virtual bookkeepers have to the Checkeeper account, providing a smoother workflow delegation.

·       Checkeeper enables businesses to upload their company logo and add design elements and customized check fields

Checkeeper enables easy uploading and saving of images, logos, signatures, and backgrounds for a customized look to suit your marketing preferences. Scan an image of your preferred check stock and move check elements around, as desired. Add check fields, such as customer ID or invoice number, if your bookkeeping requires it. No check stock of choice? Checkeeper has templates to choose from and can print legally-viable checks on any paper, including plain, blank paper. Checks printed through Checkeeper are automatically formatted to contain the necessary check elements, as well as the MICR-encoded font that bank computers recognize.

Checkeeper has been serving hundreds of thousands of individuals, business owners, bookkeepers, and managers for over a decade. Checkeeper offers the ideal replacement for discontinued check printing software, and it can be implemented quickly so that your payment checks and payroll checks are not further delayed or disrupted.

Checkeeper offers an all-inclusive service with unlimited everything: unlimited number of checks printed, unlimited number of linked bank accounts, unlimited template options, unlimited time for use of service. There are no long-term commitments, tiered-pricing obligations, upselling, or hidden fees. A free trial gets you started, and an affordable month-to-month option unlocks all the features you could want for designing your business checks.