Check Printing for Businesses without Offices

Jan 17, 2022
Check Printing for Businesses without Offices

No matter what type of business you’re in, the cost of running the office takes a large portion of the budget. Rents are high in commercial areas—and continuing to rise in many regions—and the cost of utilities, insurance, furnishings, equipment, and supplies adds up quickly.

As more people leave the traditional office for remote work—due to either health concerns or just personal preference—the need for physical office space is being continually reevaluated.  Is designated physical office space absolutely necessary for this business? If so, does it need to accommodate the entire staff each day? Which business operations can be conducted remotely? Which tasks can be automated rather than done manually?

The explosion of remote working over the last two years has opened many workers’ eyes to how productive work can get done in the absence of a physical office space, and, in some cases, how it can actually lead to greater productivity by cutting down on wasted commute times and unnecessary overhead expenses. Offering remote options to employees has been found to significantly help retention, as well, and is frequently cited as the single most effective nonmonetary way to attract and maintain talent. And some types of businesses simply don’t require much physical office space to begin with.

The Right Technology for Remote and Online Work Can Make the Office Obsolete

Investing in the right technology makes it possible to work without walls. You cannot run your business without equipment, but you may not need every piece of traditional office equipment to run your business smoothly. Optimal tech devices for many non-office businesses are mobile devices that allow business managers to make an office wherever is most convenient. They work well with software, cloud, and online services that don’t take up physical space and can be run from anywhere. Small businesses and independent contractors who offer their clients in-home or on-the-go services often depend upon little more than a phone or tablet that can process virtually any type of customer communication and payment transaction.

No matter what type of business you run, you have checks to write and mail, usually dozens a month or more. But without an office, you won’t always have convenient access to a printer or a place to securely store your check stock. If your business is mobile, operates largely online, or depends heavily on remote employees, then check printing and mailing services are exactly what you need to conduct professional financial transactions in the absence of traditional office space and equipment. If you have a checking account and a laptop or smartphone, you have everything you need to print and mail professional checks. You don’t need a printer or check stock or mailing supplies or storage space. You don’t even need a pen.

Checkeeper allows you to create customized checks online and have them printed and mailed for you so that you don’t have to invest in a single check-related supply. You can have your checks printed with your business logo and sent overnight or regular mail within one business day. Your Checkeeper account will also store all payment information, dates, addresses, and amounts for you so that your record-keeping is paperless as well.

If your business doesn’t rent office space and only sends a few checks each month, keeping a stock of checking and mailing and printing supplies is really inconvenient and unnecessary; check printing and mailing services make the process hassle-free.