Back-to-School Tips to Reach Key Shoppers

Aug 11, 2023
Back-to-School Tips to Reach Key Shoppers

The back-to-school season has arrived, and it promises to be a busy shopping season for the millions of parents, students, and teachers who are directly affected. Most colleges resume in mid- to late August, while primary and secondary schools may start around Labor Day. Many daycare providers offer services year-round but will see big shifts in enrollment and participation during school hours once the fall starts. If your business markets to parents, educators, or families in general, some ideas to consider to make the season a lucrative one:

People who benefit the most from back-to-school promotions:


What they want:

Like most other American consumers, parents are exhausted by inflation. Budget-conscious parents will appreciate two-for-one sales, reduced prices, and rebates, particularly when they have more than one child to shop for. They also like one-stop options at stores that have stocked according to school supply lists so that parents don’t have to hunt around for individual items.

Tips to reach parents:

·       Connect sales and promotions to specific school supply lists in your area.

·       Host giveaway events before school starts.

·       Boost promotions during tax holidays so that parents can maximize their savings.


What they want:

Many teachers stock supplies in their classroom before the year begins, and they appreciate promotions that cater to the specific needs of their grade level.

Tips to reach teachers:

·       Reach out to teachers in advance to learn what items are in highest demand.

·       Take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging teachers to spread the word to colleagues via social media and online reviews.

·       Offer “educator discounts” to qualified teachers.

·       Offer free shipping on bulk items (and free returns) so that a teacher can stock an entire classroom at once.

College kids

What they want:

Businesses that market to college-aged consumers should take into account both budget and lifestyle when pricing and selling items. Many college students live in small quarters—dorms, suites, and small apartments—that are shared with others. Students are generally looking for compact, portable living items that are affordable on smaller budgets. Dorm and apartment accessories and décor, such as floor lamps, rugs, storage shelves, linens, and small appliances are items in high demand.

Tips to reach college students:

·       Take advantage on online advertising and social media, as teens and young adults use their phones and social media regularly and get ideas from friends and influencers.

·       Advertise on or near campuses where possible for those last-minute items that students forgot to pack.

·       Encourage “bring a friend” for additional discounts and incentives, as college kids often shop with roommates and dormmates and often split the costs of pricier items that can be shared.

Daycare/childcare providers

What they want:

People who tend to children who are not yet in school or who need additional care after school hours will likely have specific needs once the back-to-school season begins. Depending on the ages of the children attending, child care centers typically provide some mix of educational activities, entertainment activities, and basic child care services.

Tips to reach child care providers:

·       Highlight safety supplies: first aid kits, child-safety gates and locks, fire extinguishers, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer stations and other health and safety items that daycare providers need to buy and frequently restock.

·       Categorize items on the website according to age and development so that consumers can easily find suitable items and can be guided toward other developmentally-appropriate products.

Checks are the secure, reliable payment option for school activities and fees

While many payment options exist to help parents and teachers purchase items online and in person for back-to-school shopping, the money needed for activities, programs, and tuition during the year are most commonly paid by check. Payments for school trips, meals, yearbooks, sports, tuition, tutoring services, fundraisers, and after-school programs and clubs are not always set up to accept credit cards because of the associated fees. Checks remain one of the most widely-accepted forms of payment and are much safer to send in to school with a child than cash.

Checkeeper offers on-demand check printing from the convenience of your home or office for any occasion when a paper check is needed. A few clicks are all it takes to print (and mail) a check to the school, club, childcare provider, recreation center, or college for fast, secure processing.