Automating Office Tools Help Reduce Stagnation

Jan 31, 2024

All jobs incur a degree of tedium, and it is expected in any type of office role. But when the work becomes too routine, repetitive, and monotonous, people inevitably lose their drive. Suspecting that you may have some stagnating employees? Perhaps suffering from stagnation yourself? Consider some of the main complaints that lead to stagnation at work:

·       Not enough flexibility in working schedule

·       No room for growth in the company or opportunity for advancement

·       Too much micromanagement/ not enough independence

·       No room for creativity

·       Toxic workplace

·       Unrealized value in the job itself

·       Too heavy of a workload that leads to exhaustion

·       Inefficient office systems that drain time and energy

Routine administrative, financial, and bookkeeping work may not seem glamorous to everyone, but they serve important functions, and the people who perform these roles are vital to maintaining a productive and thriving business.  Feelings of stagnation for office managers and workers lead to procrastination of important tasks, reduce productivity levels, create openings for errors, compromise the quality of product or service offered, and diminish customer satisfaction.

Staying inspired and motivated at work, even when tedium starts to set in, is a challenge for everyone, including owners. Many small businesses have no employees at all, which means that a tremendous amount of responsibility rests on one person’s shoulders. Improving the efficiency of office systems can go a long way toward alleviating the monotony of repetitive tasks and freeing up energy that can then be directed toward more productive pursuits.

Adopting online check printing frees up time and energy

Automating tools for administrative and financial management can free up everyone’s time and reduce both data entry and errors. Online check printing and mailing is a service used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, business owners, bookkeepers, and office managers because it is an affordable way to free up countless hours otherwise spent on routine bill paying and recording. Many small businesses have outsourced their entire check printing and mailing needs to Checkeeper to take mountains of paperwork off their desks.

Outsourcing check printing and mailing to Checkeeper adds automation and accuracy to the financial management system. Online check printing through Checkeeper:

Reduces time spent paying bills

Checkeeper can have a printed, professional business check in your hands, on demand, whenever or wherever you need it. No more waiting for bank checks to be ordered and delivered.

Eliminates the errors of recording a check registry

A secure, online check registry automatically records the details of every check created in the Checkeeeper account. The registry can be searched by any check field—including the ones you add—and can be exported, downloaded, printed, or shared with your accountant, bookkeeper, or colleagues, when needed.

Improves efficiency through direct conversion of bills to checks

Rather than issuing multiple checks to the same vendor—which can lead to errors in totals and duplicate payments—have Checkeeper convert your invoices in your Odoo or Xero account directly into check payments. Multiple payments to the same vendor will have a bundled total and invoice table attached to ensure accurate bookkeeping with less paperwork.

Streamlines a clunky system through automatic user permissions and approval workflow

Keep burnout at bay by delegating some of the routine bill-payment work to others in the office or your remote bookkeeper. Checkeeper allows you to set and limit user permissions, as needed, and can work with the approval process you prefer for maximum workflow efficiency.

Offers same-business day check mailing with tracking

Instead of spending money on mailing supplies and taking time out of your day with trips to the post office, use Checkeeper’s printing equipment and mailing supplies. For little more than the price of a stamp and envelope, Checkeeper can have your check printed and in the mail within the day. Need a lot of checks out at once? Free up countless hours by having Checkeeper print them all for you and mail them individually or in a single batch at the priority method of your choosing.

Works with any supplies you have, or provides them all for you

The best feature of online check printing is that it can work with any check stock on the market, with any printer you own. If you don’t own a printer, or don’t have reliable access at times, such as when traveling or working remotely, Checkeeper will print your checks for you and mail them back to your office or directly to their designated recipients.

Online check printing is a cloud-based software that works with other accounting and payroll programs to make processes run faster, smoother, and with greater accuracy.

If inefficient business systems are slowing things down and dragging down the energy level, adoption of automating tools may help alleviate some of the tedium and free up everyone’s time so that they can pursue more productive, creative, or lucrative projects.