Anyone remember “checkbooks”?

Tyler Atkinson
Aug 13, 2020
Anyone remember “checkbooks”?

Back in the day, if you needed to write a check, you’d have to go to the bank, buy a book of pre-printed checks, and manually write in your payment information for every single check. Then, on a separate ledger, you would manually write in a note of that transaction for your records. And if you didn’t have any checks, you’d just hope you could find the time to take cash out at an ATM and then find someone who could write you a money order. Check writing sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, in those days, it was.

Today, you have the power to write checks online in seconds with Checkeeper. You don’t even need any special paper or fancy ink-- just print from your own home or office printer, or leave the printing and mailing to us. Then, revisit your registry at any time to view a complete history of all your payments made through Checkeeper.

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