5 Business Areas Automatically Improved by Online Check Printing

Feb 6, 2024
5 Business Areas Automatically Improved by Online Check Printing

Considering switching to online check printing and mailing for business check payments? Checkeeper offers professional check templates that are customizable, cloud-based, and available on demand. Consider five areas that will see immediate improvement when you upgrade to Checkeeper:


Online check printing streamlines many aspects of the financial management process to give small businesses more organized books and records. Cloud-based and mobile-optimized, online check printing through Checkeeper gives you and your bookkeeper 24/7 universal access to your account so that you can:

·       Create a customized, professional check to be printed on demand

·       Access the template editor to change the logo, reposition check elements, upload images, and add attachments, invoice tables, pay stubs, benefits explanations, or promotional materials

·       Search checks printed according to any date range or check field

·       Download a complete history of all checks created to share with your accountant

·       Order checks to be printed and mailed for you

No more manual recording of your check registry; Checkeeper automatically stores the data for you to keep your records as organized as possible.


Writing out checks by hand is the least efficient way to issue a large number of payments; Checkeeper expedites the whole process and enables you to print a few or a few hundred checks right from the convenience of your home, office, or remote working location. Upload a CSV file or spreadsheet with your payee information, and Checkeeper will create individual checks for each recipient with all data automatically imported into the pertinent check fields, thus reducing the time needed for data entry. Upload your signature for fast check signing; authorize user permissions for more efficient workflow management. Online check printing enhances efficiency because it enables you to:

·       Integrate check data with other accounting and payroll software

·       Delegate user permissions and dual approval for better workflow

·       Work from anywhere

·       Track mailed checks with specific priority mailing options


Get all your updates in real time when you use online, cloud-based tools. Put an end to having to enter data multiple times, in multiple places, risking data entry and computation errors. Checkeeper integrates with many widely-used accounting, payment, and payroll software, such as: Gusto, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Square, Xero, and more. Checkeeper improves the accuracy of maintaining financial records by enabling you to:

·       Convert unpaid bills directly into check payments

·       Have amounts due to the same recipient bundled into one check for you, with invoice table attached

·       Record check details automatically in an online registry that you don’t need to update manually

·       Access and share data in real time


Online check printing enhances the professionalism of checks by giving them a customized look with color company logo. Checks printed through Checkeeper aid your overall branding strategy by reinforcing your brand with every vendor, client, employee, or affiliate you have to pay, and since checks printed through Checkeeper are fully customizable, they can be designed to work compatibly with all your other marketing and communication materials. Checkeeper offers a cloud-based software that is not device-specific, so there is nothing for you to download, update, or troubleshoot: all IT, security, and maintenance are handled for you. Enhance the professional quality of your business checks:

·       Add your business logo to every check

·       Have your checks printed and mailed for you

·       Send invoice tables, benefits explanations, and other important documents in one mailing

·       Integrate your check design to match your other marketing materials


Many payment options available to businesses come with fees. When you open a Checkeeper account, you know exactly what you’ll pay: nothing for two weeks, and then one, fixed monthly price after that. There are no hidden fees, activation charges, surcharges, add-ons, or pricing tiers. Print unlimited checks from unlimited linked checking accounts all month long. Save the money you’d normally spend ordering checks from the bank, as well as the money spent stocking and restocking printing and mailing supplies: Checkeeper can do it all for you.

·       Pay one affordable subscription price, regardless of check volume

·       Pay no hidden fees or add-on charges

·       Choose the priority mailing speed that suits your budget

·       Get a custom quote for a large or time-sensitive order

·       Try for free